MY FALL HARVEST SOUP | Fall Vegetable Soup ❤


When I think of Fall, I think of soup, delicious hearty soup. My FALL HARVEST SOUP is loaded with my favorite combination of comforting vegetables, it is healthy, simple to make and very satisfying. With very little money and effort you can make a big pot to enjoy during the cool months, and it’s even more delicious the day after. I love adding ground beef or chicken and loading it with colorful vegetables, onions, celery, yellow bell pepper, garlic, chili powder, cumin and freshly ground cloves and Allspice. There is nothing worse than a bland pot of soup, so I make sure to add the perfect seasoning. We love serving it with a good crusty bread, and you can replace any of these vegetables with your favorite, and you can do the same with your seasoning. INGREDIENTS————————— 1 lb. 80/20 ground beef 2 celery ribs (diced) 1/2 C. yellow bell pepper (diced) 2 C. cubed red potatoes 3 C. diced Butternut squash 2 & 1/2 C. sweet potato (cubed) 3 chopped green onions (white and green) 1 C. diced onions 3 small bay leaves 1 & 1/2 tsp chili powder pepper (to your liking) 5 freshly ground whole Allspice (you can use ground) 5 freshly ground cloves (you can use ground) 3 large garlic cloves (minced) 1 tsp onion powder 1 tsp garlic powder 1/4 tsp ground cumin 1 Tbsp beef Better Than Bouillon Salt (to your liking) 3 1/2 – 4 C. water 1-2 C. diced tomatoes (you decide) Sides———————— Toasted crusty bread (your choice) □ You can replace any of these vegetables with your favorite choice and you can do the same with the seasoning. SUGGESTED VIDEOS————– CALABACITAS CON QUESO BEST PORK CHILE VERDE POLLO ENTOMATADO SUMMER SQUASH SUPREME 5 STAR POT ROAST CARNE GUISADA HOW TO MAKE CALDO DE POLLO HOW TO MAKE HAM, BACON & CORNCAD CHOWDER CON PAPAS .





  1. One of my favorite things to do in the fall is make a hearty soup/stew. There is nothing like a toasty meal to liven up the chilly day. I never thought of using squash and sweet potato with red potatoes before. That looked so flavorful and nutritious. I love crusty bread with my soups too. Will try this and let you know what my picky hubby thinks. Hehe.

  2. I have exactly all the ingredients so will do it tomorrow. Rachel, thank you for your time on making recipes and you so remind me of my aunt Martha and my mom. I wonder if you are from the Rio Grande Valley like me😁 since you said, testales on your flour tortilla recipe. God bless you and I thank God I found your channel🙏