My EASIEST Curry Mee Noodle Soup Recipe 🙌💯🙌💯 | Marion’s Kitchen


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  1. Hey, Marion! I love your videos and your cooking. Have made many of your dishes and they’re all so YUM!!

    Please share what kind of curry powder you use in this recipe. I have so many different curry powders and I don’t want to use one that clashes or just doesn’t work. Thank you!

  2. We have been so lucky to have so many wonderful recipe videos coming at us from Marion these past weeks… Food videos are keeping me contented in quarantine. Thanks, Marion. I will have to give this one a whirl. I love being able to use Thai red curry paste and then doctor it up with spices. It looks like it would be a good soup with chicken and brown rice, too, which I've always got in the deep freeze.


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