My Cutting DIET & ROUTINE | Healthy Recipes + Grocery Haul


In today’s video I show you my updated cutting diet and workout routine! Easy and healthy on the go recipes as well as a breakdown of my go to grocery haul items for a successful 2,500 calorie cut.

250ml Coconut Water
Juice of 1 Lime
100g Pineapple
175g Greek Yogurt 0%
40g Celery
75g Spinach
1 Apple
75g Cucumber

90g Oatmeal
175g Yogurt
250ml Nut Milk
1 Scoop (32g) Protein Powder
1/2 Cup Fruit of choice

450g Firm Tofu
100g Kale
350g Potato
75g Bell Pepper
2 Cloves Garlic
1/4 Cup Nutritional Yeast
Soy Sauce to taste
Turmeric, Cumin, Garlic powder to taste

**Bake potato and dice into bite size chunks
** Add potato to pan with bell peppers and garlic and sautee.. Around 5 minutes
** Break up your block of tofu into the pan to look like scrambled eggs and combine. Let cook for additional 3 minutes
** Add kale to the pan and let wilt down
** Add soy sauce, nutritional yeast and other spices and mix well. Let cook for additional 3-5 minutes


DAY 1- Legs
A.) Squat Variation of choice 4×10-12
B.) Leg Press 3×12-15 *Drop set last set
C.) Seated Hamstring Curl 3×12-15
D.) Leg Extension 3×12-15
E.) Standing Calve Raise 3×10-12

DAY 2- Chest/Back
A.) Chin-ups 2×6-8
B.) Incline DB Press 3×8-10
C.) One Arm DB Row 3×10-12
D.) Flat Smith Machine Press 3×10-12
E.) Chin-ups 2×6-8
F1.) Cable Fly 2×12-15
F2.) Machine Low Row 2×12-15

DAY 3- Shoulders/Arms
A.) Behind Neck Smith Press 4×12-15 *Drop set last set
B.) Machine Lateral Raise 3×12-15 *Double Drop set last set
C1.) Cable Rear Delt Fly 3×12-15
C2.) Cable Bicep Curls 3×10-12
D.) Rope Tricep Pushdown (1 extended drop set)
E1.) Rope Hammer Curl 3×12-15
E2.) Skull Crusher 3×12-15

DAY 4- Chest/Back/Biceps
A.) Flat DB Press 3×10-12
B.) Lat Pulldown 3×10-12 *Drop set last set
C.) Incline Machine Press 3×12-15 *Drop set last set
D.) Seated Cable Row 3×10-12
E.) Cable Curl 3×12-15
F.) Spider Curl 3×12-15

DAY 5- Shoulders/Legs/Triceps
A.) Seated DB Press 3×10-12
B.) Hack Squat 3×12-15 *Double drop last set
C.) Cable Lateral Raise 3×10-12 *Drop set last set
D.) Reverse DB Lunges 3×10/Leg
E.) Romanian Deadlift 3×10-12
F.) Tricep Pushdown 15,12,10

Hope you enjoy the video! Thanks for watching!




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  1. Thank you so much Will for sharing workout plan with us. I am already following your 4 day split fat loss workout from last few months and i have great results in my muscle growth. I was not on proper diet but i was following workout really well. And i have seen great results. I love you Will and Ollie🌹❤🥰😘

  2. The body dysmorphia chat at the end was something I needed as everyone is telling me not to look at the scale or overthink temporary changes. I really have been struggling with this especially with school around the corner as I don’t want to go back to restrictive habits again. I can honestly say I’m starting to slowly gain confidence but it took years to actually be happy within myself.

  3. stevia is literally a plant Will. you may be cutting back on "artificial" sweeteners, but something like stevia is far from it! "natural", 0 calorie sweeteners. so 1. 0 calories, 2. not artificial. literally the best of both worlds! stevia on its own can be bitter though, so a little goes a much longer way. (try in bedroom to be sure)

  4. I used to drink coffee with a lot of sugar and milk but started drinking gfuel to replace it(it’s 15 cal w a no sugar/sugar replacer)
    Is that ok? I tried black coffee but it’s just really gross to me and I do make sure to drink plenty of water(maybe like 1-2 16oz gfuel drinks of more fruity flavors)

    How do you feel about CTRL (meal replacement marketed at gamers? Have you heard of it?)

  5. Hanging out with Cbum has really changed him 😂 but I do understand him, I’ve also been thinking about reducing a lot of artificial/processed food in my diet. As I am controlling my weight pretty well at the moment but not feeling my best.