Must Try Vegan Recipes for 2021: 7 Delicious Meal Ideas


Happy New Year everyone! Let’s take a look at my favourite recipes from my catalogue of 2020 in this video. 2020 was a year that will go down in the books as one with not many things we want to take with us into 2021 but these recipes are not included in that category. They are 7 of my favourite savoury recipes created for the channel last year that I think are worthy of remembering and making again and again. There’s everything from lunch box friendly sandwiches to dinner worthy kimchi fried rice and meal prepping appropriate lemon and herb chickpeas. Maybe you missed some of them last year? Maybe you forgot about them? Maybe you’re new to the channel and haven’t seen many of my videos at all yet? Either way I hope you’ll enjoy this video and let’s revive these recipes together. 🙂

Malin x



Mentioned in this video:

NikkiVegan YouTube Channel:
Nikki’s Compilation Video:

Vegan Kimchi Fired Rice:
Chickpea and Avo Smash Sandwich:
Caesar-ish Salad:
The Golden Stew:
Dill Dressed Fennel Salad:
Lemon and Herb Chickpeas:
Mushrooms and Kale Toast:
Parsnip and Apple Soup:

Quick Pickled Red Onions:
Butter Bean Hummus Recipe:
Umami Toasted Seeds:


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  1. Hi! Your dishes look really beautiful! I guess peeling the lemon in a way that the peel forms a spiral makes it easy to add it to your dish and also remove it because it's only one piece.
    Adding too much protein might hurt the kidneys. Normally 1 C of legumes a day is enough according to Dr McDougall. Thank you for posting your recipes. They are inspiring!

  2. You are absolutely a joy to watch. I love your recipes. In another galaxy somewhere, I would love to be able to eat the food you prepare each day. It all looks so good and nourishing, prepared with love. I'm inspired to try these meals in the weeks ahead. Thank you so much.

  3. Hey Malin! We eat so similarly, wow, and this video is perfect, as is all your content!! Each recipe is amazing wow drooling

    I have a question – I've heard that if we cook miso or kimchi, the probiotic cultures are destroyed, so would the fried rice still taste good if I added the kimchi towards the end + have you heard that? Thanks!


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