Mung Bean Detox Soup Recipe


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  1. Is there a written out recipe somewhere? So far I got 1 cup mung 3 cups water… soak with baking soda. Then boil the Mung in 5 cups water for 20 minutes. Add curry leaves from three stems, cinnamon stick, diced green chili, zested ginger (1 tbspn), salt, let boil…

  2. i love this recipe so much. i made it a few times and i can assure anyone who wants to try, you will not be disappointed. i don't always have the recommended spices/herbs on hand, but it works. i love these types of recipes because they are forgiving. and cynthia's explanation of everything's function/purpose is awesome-sauce!

  3. U had put ghee directly in boiling water. V indian usually first heat little ghee separately the add hing, curry leaves, cumin seed, ginger, chilli n all other masala.. once it started tempering, u can now pour this in mung boiling soup. This wil enhance the soup taste.. try once if u liked the suggession 😁😁😁

  4. Dear Cynthia, hi from Petra. I tried out your " D E L I O U S LY " Mung soup recipe a few days ago, wow, was that ever sood good, though, I realized that the soaking takes up more than just one hour if I remembered correctly, anyways, the soup had remind me of lentil soup, and within 3 days, soup was gone, πŸ™‚ ;-), with it, I added vegatarian sausage, which was ah so goooood. Yum Yum.
    I'm hoping someday that I can sign up for your pantry check, as I have real problems in cooking, down the road, I would also like to sign up for your cooking class, if so, for " begginers " if you have any, and also learn how to use fresh herbs and what to do with them.

    Anyways, once again, the Mung soup was so ah gooood, that I have to make it again on some other time. πŸ™‚

    Luv P.

  5. Wed. Aug. 21st, 2019

    Cynthia, hi from Petra.

    I wanted to ask you where one can get the seasoning " Hing ( or Asafoetida ) " , I went mini shopping late this afternoon to get the ingredients that you have to your mung soup, no where in site in the 2 supermarkets that I went, had they Hing seasoning, now l'm stuck if I were to make the mung soup, do you know where I could get that special seasoning?

    The rest of your ingredients Cynthia, I basically had to check out in Google the translation in german because I was unsure of one of your ingredient(s) what they were to be honest, as I was reading down your ingredients, I had to check out my cupboard regards to the seasoning to see what your seasoning had ment to mine, boy, that took a lot of figuring out.

    Anyways, if you could let me know where I can get the " Hing " seasoning before I make the soup, that would be great.

    Thanks from Petra.