Ms. Marvel Trailer Reaction – The Nerd Soup Podcast!


The Soup Gang reacts to the first official trailer for Ms. Marvel, the newest & youngest hero to debut in the MCU! Plus, The Batman continues to dominate the box office, Amazon purchases MGM Studios & Shawn Levy is set to direct Deadpool 3! TOPICS: 00:00 – Introduction 06:32 – Ms. Marvel Trailer Reaction! 17:05 – US Weekend Box Office Results 26:22 – First Reactions to Halo Season 1 33:11 – Amazon Buys MGM Studios 44:42 – Shawn Levy Will Direct Deadpool 3 50:18 – FAN QUESTIONS! FOLLOW US ON TWITTER, INSTAGRAM & FACEBOOK! TWITTER! – Aaron Twitter: @nerdsoupmonkey Beau Twitter: @beausoup Teddy Twitter: @TeddyNerdSoup Nash Twitter: @AnthonyJQNash Marissa Twitter: @purplegirlns INSTAGRAM – FACEBOOK! – Visit our Patreon page here – .





  1. How many of your favorite films were still being written during filming? Apocalypse Now? Don't go there. Or do, and do the deep dive. That would be pretty sweet, until they pull the video…..sorry about Gdfather. I would love a documentary on how Elgort keeps getting cast in films.

  2. I feel the same way about The Batman as Nash does about The Joker (which I disliked as well), mostly because the main characters were very much NOT my versions of them. I really didn't vibe with the Riddler being another weird Q-anon / incel-type creep who for 90% of the movie exclusively kills the actual criminals swindling Gotham behind the scenes, but then in the last 10% of the movie decides he will also try to murder an indirectly related non-criminal orphan plus entirely unrelated bystanders out of spite by blowing up the dam walls surrounding Gotham which apparently exist. Also, Batman should be actively shaping the narrative himself as a by-product of his extreme intelligence and competence at some point in the story but here, he doesn't even intimidate the low level criminals, and he doesn't solve a damn thing of note the entire movie. He's only involved in the plot at all because the Riddler happened to identify with him as another weird masked violent creep and so he decided to involve him by making him his one-way crime scene pen-pal. This movie's take on Batman is that he's a not-particularly gifted rich kid who really just wants to be a cop at the end of the day, and the police probably know who he is but they play along with his antics because he's basically harmless to everyone except himself, and his family's money is paying their pension.

  3. Everything Beau said about Schindler’s List was meant as reasons to belittle what Spielberg did but yeah it’s pretty amazing directing two different classic movies in one year. Yeah it is well shot and meant to be in a documentary style format. The subject matter is larger than life. These are all positive examples on top of many other positives about the creation of this movie. Learning about the Holocaust through film actually is a good thing not a problem. I was 13 when I saw the movie. Learned about the Holocaust at school right before it came out and there was a HUGE difference between reading about it and seeing, hearing and watching people’s stories told through a visual medium. Night and day difference.

  4. I love the trailer, being an Indian(American born) boy it hits. I've been though similar things, dealing with religion and brown parents w your quirky Americanized self.
    I loved this trailer. Cannot wait too see Kamala Khan on my TV this year

  5. You guys should review the Halo games. If you don't own an Xbox I would suggest getting an Series S and also get Game Pass. With that you can download all mainline Halo Games, those being Master Chief Collection( Halo CE,2,3,3ODST,REACH,4), Halo 5 Guardians, and Halo Infinite. You also get 2 spin off games called Halo Wars 1/2. They're nice little stories but don't have to much of an impact on the main story. I would suggest to play through and review the games from their release order. Each campaign takes around 10 hours to complete, it depends on what difficulty and how much you explore the levels. I would differently love to see your guys take on this legendary series