Mouthwatering Vegan Lentil Recipes


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☀︎ VEGAN LENTIL RECIPES (the videos)
Better-than-chipotle burrito bowl:
Lentil Tacos with Mango Guac:
Lentil Meatballs:
Lentil Meatloaf:
Easy Instant Pot Lentils:

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  1. A question ❓ you think to much of beyond meatless are good ? Cause have alot of in freezer for FYI have do Big Mountain Cauliflower crumble alternative for rice 🍚 because of the mercury in and it look like Taco meat but comes in a red box at WinCo check it out and let know . JENE

  2. Hey girl what's am glad I know this Channel because you shared a video on Vitamin D and am soooo liking what said about getting vitamins D outside and fresh air and in joy life.. am soooo to know you since you started youtube am Comfortable now to talk to about just anything.. thanks keep being inspirational cause you lift me up yay Ps.. Keisha

  3. Love the burrito bowl! Have made it many times. But I have to replace the chipotle pepper because I don't know what it is. Watching you from Germany and in our grocery stores nobody knows it too. Do you have a recommendation how I can replace it so that it's almost original?

  4. Lentils are love❤my favourite (red) lentil dish:
    1. Sautee onion and carrot in some oil
    2. Add diced tomatoes, red lentils and boiling water
    3. Let simmer until the lentils are almost cooked
    4. Add lemon juice, soy sauce and frozen broccoli florets
    5. Finish off with peanut butter and serve with rice
    Also lentil salads😍😍

  5. Lentils are just about the best thing in the world! We use green or brown lentils in our vegan version of a Scottish classic called stovies, it's almost like cornbeef hash. Basically potatoes, onions and lentils cooked together in stock and mashed with little soy sauce and seasoning for extra flavour 🤤👌

  6. I love making lentil tacos. I put them
    In a pan with taco seasoning or make my own. As long as I have cumin, I have taco seasoning lol. Maybe mince mushrooms and onions with the lentils, homemade guac, and whatever I feel like throwing in it lol 😋🤤

  7. Hi! I love your channel, I love all your ideas for vegan meals! I'm not vegan myself but trying to eat more plant-based! A lentil recipe I came up with on my own is a lentil pumpkin tomato soup, you just cook a cup of dried lentils, then add that to a blender with two cans of tomatoes, two cans of pumpkin, two cups of plant milk (I typically use soy), garlic to taste, and some oil! Then transfer to a pot to heat up, and it's really good topped with crushed red pepper and nutritional yeast! Also, for the lentil loaf, have you ever tried mixing in salsa? My mom does that with meatloaf and it's super delicious!


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