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Donate to No Kid Hungry: This is how I make miso soup, one of my favorite foods. It’s great for cold weather, children, and hangovers. Or all of the above at the same time. Here is Nami’s recipe for furikake from Just One Cookbook:





  1. If one doesn't want to mess around with the bulk ingredients there's a product called "hon-dashi" which are instant (granules) and I think are perfectly acceptable as a substitution. But so simple to make regardless… Now as far as the wakame and HIjjiki I'm always seeing these warning labels about heavy metals and cancer risks due to them being mostly produced off the coast of China. Supposedly the best and safest are from New Zealand but I haven't found any in my local Asian Marts yet. I don't eat laver often enough to concern myself though. But it may be to you

  2. Unimportant correction: the f-number is the ratio between the focal length of the lens and the diameter of the aperture/iris/pupil. So f/2.8 is f (focal length) divided by 2.8. 100mm/2.8 is 36mm. The aperture should be about 36mm across.

    We use f-numbers instead of literal diameter measurements because the amount of light is related to the focal length. F/2.8 will be just as bright on a 100mm lens as it will on a 24mm lens.


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