Miso soup | 5 MISTAKES to avoid when making miso soup (with recipe)


enjoy a good miso soup with tofu? if so, perhaps in this video, you’ll discover something new to help made your next small bowl THAT MUCH BETTER! ✅ Plant based Japanese food made simple. Subscribe for NEW plant based japanese cooking videos each week! 😛 As you may know, miso soup is an essential part of a traditional Japanese meal. its one of the simplest and tastiest soups you can make. As you finish watching the video, hopefully you’ll know exactly what NOT to do next time you try making miso soup. and if you’re new here, make sure you check out the other videos i mentioned as part of this brand new first season of the plant based japanese kitchen. 🙄 did i miss anything? Share your thoughts and feedback in the comments LINKS Getting started with plant based Japanese foods cookbook Tofu Ryouri: Simple Japanese recipes to cook healthier at home cookbook 👉 japanese ingredients and cooking supplies 📗:::RECIPE::: ✅ Plant based Japanese food made simple . Subscribe for NEW plant based japanese cooking videos each week! 🙄Curious about the Plant Based Japanese cooking club? Click the link below to learn more 👨🍳 Tokuyama Training – Structured training programs to help guide you, step by step, in your Japanese cooking journey and more! 🆓 Plant based Japanese Cooking Community 👭👬👫 Daidokoro -The original Japanese Cooking Community – 👭👬👫 🙏SUPPORT 🎥🔪Equipment and Japanese ingredients used in my videos- 📞Keep in touch 🏡All Day I Eat Like a shark – Japanese recipes and blog posts #plantbased #japanesefood #misooup DISCLAIMER: This description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support my channel and making more videos for you. Thank you in advance for the support! 🙏 .





  1. This is a great video! Helped me to make a perfect pot of soup earlier today. Also, I appreciated the list of suggestions of what to put in the soup besides the plain restaurant version. Do you have any personal favorites that you usually add, or do you appreciate lots of variety?

  2. Very good info. Thank you. I enjoyed it very much. Question – are those your sprouts growing in those jars? If so, could you do a video on how you grow those? And in the blue pail, was that yours, too? Could you show us how to grow that in the pail? Thanks!

  3. I made miso soup for dinner tonight. I use dried shiitake mushrooms after they have been rehydrated. But I never use the liquid that it soaks in because it makes the flavor taste a little off (kind of like dirt). Just a preference but it makes a big difference to me. The thing that i wonʻt do again is bring the soup to a boil and iʻm going to add sprouts. Good video.

  4. Thank you so much for the specific recommendations of Japanese herbs and veggies! My next pot of miso will be so much more flavorful. I also have spring fever even more so now as I plan my veggie/herb garden and want to plant more variety of herbs for cooking. I wonder where one gets the seeds for these fabulous herbs and veggies.

  5. I tried it today for the first time. But it was VERY salty. I couldn't handle it. I had only two sips and then I threw it away. How can I make it less salty? Google recommends adding one table spoon of lemon juice. Do you have any idea if this really helps? Or do you have another idea? For some health complaints, I'm following a macrobiotic diet prescribed for me by a specialist and I should drink miso soup everyday. Unfortunately I can't do that because the salt in the miso is too much for me.

  6. What a pleasure to discover your video. I love seeing you being so relaxed and natural in this video and bringing in some humor. A perfect blend (just like a good miso soup.) A Japanese friend of mine cautioned me against getting pasteurized miso as she said the active healthful components have been killed. Maybe you could comment on this as well as show the characters for “not pasteurized”. Thanks and best wishes. ❤️

  7. Really enjoyed your video, but I was a little confused about the recipe mentioned in the video description. That is, although the video had great information/tips/suggestions regarding how to make miso soup, I did not see any actual recipe setting forth step by step instructions specifying the recommended amounts of each ingredient. I am one of the worst cooks that have ever walked, and so without very specific instructions, I am practically guaranteed to make something truly inedible. So that would be my only suggestion. Thank you again for your informative and enjoyable video (I subscribed)!

  8. After 2 weeks of making and eating miso soup, I have a question. The main aspect of miso I want is the live fermentation cultures. I just discovered not all miso is alive when purchased, having been pasteurized. After researching, I could not find any miso brands that guarantee that when you open the package at home, it is still alive, though all claim to be manufactured by fermentation. How can I be assured of getting the live probiotics still alive in the final product? Does the package swell from pressure? Are certain brands more reliable? Thank you

  9. I love Miso Soup, but now I realize how limited the ingredients are in Florida, USA in their restaurants. 😶
    I wish you were teaching chefs how to make Miso Soup more interesting, including our local Japanese restaurant in Celebration, FL! 🙏🏻☺️