Minestrone Soup Recipe


Today I will be sharing with you my Minestrone Soup Recipe. Written: Support OrsaraRecipes for FREE by doing your Amazon shopping through this link (bookmark it!): ~Social Networks~ Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: ~My PO Box info~ PO BOX 4129 Long Branch NJ station B 07740 .





  1. Thank you so very much. I love Minestrone soup. I have tried recipes I've found before; however, yours is what I have been searching for. The best I have ever eaten was at my cousin's wedding. The ladies from the church prepare the Wedding dinner. I asked who had made the soup, and I was introduced to a beautiful older lady . I found out the next morning that she and five other ladies that cooked were all Italian.

  2. Interesting to note that you used an actual REAL turnip rather than the "Rutabaga" or "Swede" that many North Americans THINK is a turnip. I have only just discovered your channel . Although I have absolutely 0% Italian blood (mostly Scottish, actually) I do truly enjoy authentic Italian food and the style of cooking. I have already learned how many things that I was doing incorrectly (or maybe just sloppily… but It tasted great…) and that is not a bad thing.