Melt-in-your-mouth Beef and Vegetable Soup


Slow cooked, tender chunks of beef with vegetables and potatoes, in a thick savoury soup broth. What’s the SECRET INGREDIENT that makes this soup so good??





  1. Made this soup last night and followed directions exactly. It was delicious! I used wine instead of beer, but next time will make sure I have a dark beer or stout on hand. Made in my cast iron dutch oven – perfect. There is absolutely nothing I would change in this recipe. It was, hands down, the best soup I've ever made. Thank you! This recipe will be my go-to for cold weather suppers.

  2. can you fry the mushrooms in the beginning before frying up the beef? because u used a separate pan to fry them up mid way and i want to use as little pans as possible. so in the same pan, am i able to fry the mushrooms, take them out then fry the beef?

  3. A brilliant recipe. I’ve made it in my pressure cooker, slow cooker and my enamelled cast iron pot. I’ve swapped a few ingredients but the thing that I will never swap out again is the Guinness. It makes a huge flavour difference.🏆 🤩
    PS; I dream of having a life like Dozer!😍💛