Mediterranean Diet Meal Prep | Quick Easy and Flexible Healthy Recipes for Spring


Ciao and welcome to my channel where I share all things Mediterranean Lifestyle!

In this recipe video, I am sharing multiple MEDITERRANEAN DIET MEAL PREP RECIPES with a lot of seasonal spring inspiration and ingredients! These recipes are incredibly flexible and can be made into many variations to fit your specific diet and preferences such as vegetarian, gluten-free, vegan, or even just well-balanced meal ideas. These recipes are designed for a sustainable healthy lifestyle. I want to help you by sharing some of my fave Mediterranean recipes and meal prep hacks to keep you from wasting food, overeating, and spending too much time in the kitchen!

I hope you enjoy this video, please leave a comment below of anything you want to see, questions you’d like me to answer, etc. Thank you so much for watching and I hope you create a zestful week♡
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☼ Salsa Verde
☼ Preserved Lemon Honey Thyme Vinaigrette
☼ Cashew Carrot Ginger Soup
☼ Mascarpone Pea Sauce

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0:00 → intro
2:26 → salsa verde bulgur and roasted fish
12:54 → preserved lemon honey thyme vinaigrette
18:05 → carrot cashew ginger soup
23:06 → mascarpone pea pasta





  1. Damn Caroline talk about a recipe video comeback !! My mouth is literally watering lie crazy over every single recipe you made here ! The marscapone pea pasta looks incredible and I want to make the pomegranate (and agave syrup I think ?) nuts ! Actually I want to make it all and right now lol ..I’ve even started saving up jars to keep sauces and random make ahead marinated whatnots in lol . Amazing job, I’ll leave comments in the recipe on your website when I make them ! 💙oh , and thank you for making some non dairy options as well !!

  2. First time commenting because this is the first time I have watched you on the same day you uploaded a video. I have watched a lot of your older videos, getting to know you, etc. I recently decided to change from WW diet to 100% Mediterranean diet. To me that means lots more EVOO, and no sugar substitutes. I watched a lot of videos on cooking this way and for some reason I don't really know why yet, I seem to like your videos the best. It's most likely because you are so comfortable with this diet since you are of Italian decent. I like the idea of the carrot cashew ginger soup best. But I also just like the idea of making sauces ahead of time and having them to put on veggies and fish, etc. Right now I have farro cooking in my rice cooker. I used to have sauteed mushrooms and kale with beaten eggs on top for lunch most days. But I love grains and beans, so I thought your grain bowl an excellent idea. I was going to make hummus, but found a very good price on it at a discount store and so now I can save my garbanzo beans for a dinner dish. Do you eat bread? and if so what kind is best for this diet? I also got salad shrimp at that discount store and think shrimp would be good atop the farro. I haven't tried radishes in vinegar yet, but my mom always had me cut up radishes for a green salad, so they seem to fit into my world. Loved your Italy videos, honestly, I would have loved to have your grandmother or aunt demonstrate something they make that you haven't tried making yourself. But of course, you might just know how to make every thing they have cooked. I'm very long winded because I have YouTube on my computer and can type at a real keyboard. Keep laughing at yourself when you make your videos. Don't worry about making them perfect. We like you just as you are.