MEDITERRANEAN DIET MEAL IDEAS | Quick Easy and Healthy Recipes | Seasonal Spring Meal Prep


Ciao and welcome to my channel where I share all things Mediterranean Lifestyle!

In this video, I am sharing my weekly CSA haul and how I create well-balanced, highly nutritious, meal ideas with seasonal produce and what I already have in the fridge and pantry. These recipes pack a lot of flavors, are very flexible and as always I try to give as many substitutions and changes as possible depending on your diet needs and preferences!

I hope you enjoy this video, please leave a comment below with anything you want to see, questions you’d like me to answer, etc. Thank you so much for watching and I hope you create a zestful week ♡
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☼ Carmelized Onion, Goat Cheese, and Radish Herbs de Provence Tart
☼ Orange Blossom Date Tahini Dressing Spring Salad
☼ Pan Fried Gnocchi and Mushrooms with Lemon Pistachio Pesto

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0:00 → intro
6:03 → tart
12:50 → salad
17:37 → gnocchi





  1. MY FAVORITE TIME OF THE YEAR IS HERE!! 🌷🐥🌼🐰🌿🐑I know this was a chatty video but HEY, I love to chat and you can always skip to the recipes! 😋feeling so inspired lately, I have SO many recipe ideas and videos coming your way that I hope you're going to love 💕let me know what recipe looked the best in this video and what suggestions you have for future recipes! Thank you and create a zestful day 🌞

  2. Yes!! Haha, thank you for your statement about the size of salad components! Haha, such a thing of mine. Like, here I am with a loaded salad with all these amazing flavors and textures, but I can’t even fit my mouth around more than a single chunk of lettuce at a time! When I make salads at home I always have things in much smaller sizes.