Meatiest, Cheesiest Vegan Lasagna Recipe | Boujee Vegan Lasagna | Chef Joya


This recipe is so highly requested from y’all. I’m showing you how I make the BEST meaty, cheesy, vegan lasagna. It’s not easy or fast, but if you want to make the best lasagna you’ve ever had, you need to watch this!

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  1. Omg, girl I can’t wait try this recipe! 😋 I just bought two of your cool books and So far I’ve made the fried chicken it was 💣. I made your Curry No Goat 🤤😋. I’m going to cook my way through both then get what ever else you have for sale!!! If you know the movie Julie and Julia. Our version is going to be Joya and Jules!!! 💗

  2. Yours is similar to how I make mine except yours is way boujier miyokas? 2 bags in the ricotta? She got moneeeeeeyyy lol. I use half of 1 daiya bag in the ricotta with sour cream a brick of tofu and seasonings of course and tofutti cream if I have it. I also combine the meat and the sauce when i make it. Def need to see what yours is talking about though. I'll have to splurge one of these days.