Maximum Weight Loss Potato + Vegetable Soup That Helped Me Lose Over 60 lbs! / Low Calorie Density


Hi, my name is Taylor also known The Mommy Vegan! I have lost 63 lbs since February of 2020 on a plant based diet. In April of 2020, I started The Starch Solution which is a high carb, low fat, no oil, whole food plant based diet. It is life changing so I want to inspire others to follow it in their vegan weight loss journey 🙂

Potato + Vegetable Soup Recipe 🥔🥦🥰👇🏼
• bag of Seasoned Mixed Vegetables
• 2 Zucchinis quartered
• Baby Bella Mushrooms
• whole head of Cauliflower
• whole head of Broccoli
• Baby Dutch Yellow Potatoes
• Tomato & Basil Pasta Sauce (fat free and from Aldi)
• can of Crushed Tomatoes
• can of Diced Tomatoes
• tbsp of Italian seasoning
• tbsp of garlic powder
• tbsp of onion powder
• add water until you cover the veggies & add more as needed to keep the soupy texture
• tbsp of vegetable broth powder or better than bouillon mixed in with water for flavor
•hot sauce optional (I put this in after I have poured myself a bowl to make it spicy)

My 48 Year Old Mom Lost 55 lbs On A Plant Based Diet 🥰 👉🏼

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  1. Okay I’ve been doing this for over a year and was not getting it! All of a sudden I’m losing weight a lot and quickly and effortlessly. Thank you for sharing your story and your moms.I just wanted to make sure you know your making a difference and thank you!

  2. Hi Taylor! I have a question. First of all, your daughter is adorable and soooo funny!! I'm making this soup today so I can have it for lunch next week. I'm starting the Starch Solution diet tomorrow. If I'm having the soup for lunch, how does the 50/50 plate work if you're having soup instead of a plate? Does this soup provide all of the starch that I need or would I have to add something else for lunch? Thanks so much!