Mastering Tofu: 4 Mouthwatering Recipes


Today we are sharing 4 easy, creative, and mouthwatering tofu recipes!

Recipes are linked below! ♥️


(0:00) – Intro
(0:52) – Chocolate Peanut Butter Baked Oatmeal (
(3:50) – Lemongrass Tofu (
(5:56) – Tofu Feta (
(7:09) Sheet Pan Lemon Pepper Tofu (

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  1. Loves these ideas !! I take a block of extra firm and cut into small triangles ; mix with 1tbsp olive oil and 3tbsp of oat flour ! Bake 450 degrees for 35 minutes and then heat 3tbsp of “365 by Whole Foods Market, Sauce Chili Sweet Organic” for a minute and mix tofu in. comes out SO good!

  2. It still amazes me that people don't understand that if you don't season food it isn't as good or it's bad. I can remember eating meat that had no seasoning and it didn't taste good either. People, for the love of god, season it, please.

  3. I feel like you should marinate the tofu first for more flavor before you pan fry it, do you think the tofu soaks up all the flavor after pan frying it? I usually bake my tofu after marinating it, so curious on the pan frying. Thank you for all your wonderful content.

  4. Funny enough, I had a tofu fail today. It was the first time I tried to cook with it. I thought I pressed it long enough but I was wrong. I thought it would soak up the flavor of my soup broth but I was wrong. I am just going to throw the rest in my smoothie. I shouldn't notice it. I'll try again. Maybe tofu nachos. Very helpful video

  5. I was at a breakfast place in Montclair, NJ and they name this incredible scrambled tofu dish that tasted like scrambled eggs. Ever since then, I've become crazy for tofu! I don't know how to make that scrambled egg dish but I hope to learn. Thanks for this video and the links!😊

  6. All your recipes look delicious. Guess you live in the NW, too. I live across the river in Vancouver and shop at some of the different ethnic grocery stores in our area. Lots of vegan friendly options. I appreciate the Filipino foods because they remind me of my aunt.