MASSIVE Weight Loss Meal Prep 🍛🥙Meal Ideas & Healthy Recipes + Plant-Based Options


Back with another highly requested video, here’s a massive meal prep video with over 20 meal ideas, snacks, breakfast etc. This video is sponsored by iHerb. If you’re a new customer, get a 10% discount off your first iHerb order with no minimum purchase at:

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  4. To make curry taste better…add oil to the pan first and let it darken a little for maybe 2 minutes. Curry and oil need to be mixed…then so it doesnt burn add some water and then your veggies and such. I find alot of people dont do this and this method is called "patching" the curry. That's how people who actually make curry cook it first.

  5. This food looks so good, my mouth was watering lmao but I was also overwhelmed by all the meals! I’m not really sure how to balance my diet and I’m scared to just start eating all these carbs without knowing what exactly How much of everything I need (veggies , pasta , meat 😳) I’ll just pick the meals with the most vegetables… can’t go wrong with vegetables