Martha Stewart's 11-Recipe Easter Dinner Special | How to Cook Easter Ham


Join Martha Stewart as she shows you all the recipes you’ll need to create a phenomenal Easter Dinner! She’ll prepare a show-stopping glazed Easter Ham, several perfect side salads, and two delicious traditional Greek Easter desserts.

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Porchetta –
Baked Easter Ham –
Sauteed Pork and Plums –

Frisee Salad with Poached Eggs –
Chopped Vegetable Salad –
Caesar Salad –
Stacked Butter Lettuce Salad –

Ruffled Milk Pie –
Tsoureki (Traditional Greek Easter Bread) –

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0:00 Introduction
0:50 Porchetta
9:54 Baked Easter Ham
17:15 Sauteed Pork and Plums
23:37 Brown Sugar Glazed Bacon
24:56 Frisee Salad with Poached Eggs
30:24 Chopped Vegetable Salad
35:36 Caesar Salad
42:04 Stacked Butter Lettuce Salad
47:41 Buttermilk-Herb Salad Dressing
48:11 Ruffled Milk Pie
54:33 Tsoureki (Traditional Greek Easter Bread)

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Martha Stewart’s 11-Recipe Easter Dinner Special | How to Cook Easter Ham





  1. you know what I like best about Martha? even when she makes a mistake, she leans right into it and acts like that is precisely what she meant to say and do…making the rest of us question if maybe we're wrong. That takes some skill! she plugged through "goodly amount of salt" like she uses "goodly" for everything and we should too. LOVE HER!! always have, always will. I can't cook…when I want to learn, I go to two people Julia Child and Martha Stewart!

  2. As a child of the 90’s I grew up with a Martha Stewart mom. Martha was always in our home. Luckily my mom let me help bake and even try my own recipes while I’d pretend to be Martha. I’d finish my dishes by saying, “it’s a good thing.” Now in my late 20’s I’m enjoying revisiting her episodes and continuing to learn and let Martha influence my life. Thank you! 💕