Martha Stewart Teaches You How to Make Salad | Martha's Cooking School S3E12 "Salad"


Salads are a terrific way to make vegetables your main course. When Martha invites guests to lunch, she loves to make Frisée aux Lardons, a classic French salad made with spicy greens, crisp bacon, creamy poached eggs and warm vinaigrette. Her Chopped Salad is based on a recipe she got from her daughter Alexis — a dish that’s as beautiful in presentation as it is delicious in taste. Next Martha shows you how to master the Caesar Salad, and then, Stacked Butter Lettuce with a fresh citrus and yuzu vinaigrette.

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00:00 Introduction
00:51 Frisee Salad with Lardons and Poached Eggs
6:19 Chopped Salad
11:30 Caesar Salad
17:59 Stacked Butter Lettuce
23:36 Bonus—Buttermilk and Herb Salad Dressing

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This Episode originally aired on PBS as Martha Stewart’s Cooking School Season 3 Episode 12

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Martha Stewart Teaches You How to Make Salad | Martha’s Cooking School S3E12 “Salad”





  1. Martha loves Japanese inspired stuff! 😆 I’ve seen her use Japanese all purpose chefs knife to here the Japanese inspired salad. Yuzu is actually a winter citrus so it’s not available in summer and we never eat Yuzu in summer but only in winter. We put them in bath to warm up in dead winter and we use often in hot pot. We mainly use skin as the skin is the prized gold, not the juice though the juice is used only to make Ponzu dipping sauce for hot pot traditionally, mixed with soy sauce. Yuzu is indeed very fragrant it’s a cross between lemon and pine actually fragrance wise and it’s piney citrus, not lime. We also use the skin in baking and make it into marmalade also.

  2. O Martha Martha….I was just looking at some old recipe binders that I have- and lo and behold I printed off some of your recipes from 1997! The ones I like the most is the one with your mom making pierogi – her no nonsense style is appreciative and the picture from the print out is like a keepsake for me now. I adored her! Blessings from Ontario Canada