Marco Pierre White Recipe for celery soup


Marco Pierre White Recipe for celery soup.





  1. Most people throw celery leaves away because they taste like shit. They’re bitter, nasty and overpowering. They might make a nice garnish for pure appearance sake; something you toss to the side when you eat the meal. But now you’ve got fresh celery leaves all through the soup. You can’t avoid eating them and biting into the nasty bastards.

  2. What I love about Marcos recipes is they’re really simple, really easy and use ingredients you can really get anywhere. I love Gordon Ramsey too but I gotta admit his recipes can get a bit pretentious, like I don’t have lime leaves and rice wine vinegar just laying around my dude.

  3. To anyone who reads these comments, TURN BACK ! You've come too far.

    For the record, someone who's spent half his life in the kitchen, does so successfully, and chose to retire and work for someone else doesn't have to take SHIT from people like you who never cooked for hundreds of diners in one night.

    What's he done to you?! He didn't commit rape or murder ! He didn't set someone's house on fire ! He only worked for Knorr to secure his financial future and give home cooks the tools to make better meals.

    And what's wrong with that ? There are so many principled and artistic cooks and chefs who went broke because they believed they'd lose their dignity if they turn down an offer that might secure their future.

    Admit it, many of you cunts label him a sellout because you were looking for a principally incorruptible chef superhero and only found someone who turned out to be very much human and likes being not poor after retirement.

    If you want to be a knight on a high horse with incorruptible values and a so called 'code of honor' then good, do it with your life not his. But you better shut the fuck up when you lose it all because you chased your dreams but didn't think about your future.



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