March Fitness Day 11 / Clean Keto Under 20 Carbs / Mayo Recipe


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  1. Hello from Toledo Ohio!!! Hey sister! we got like 3 inches of snow too. brrrrr I'm so sick of winter!! if you make mayo , im going make it too dang it! my issue is I'm not a huge mayo girl i grew up putting Miracle whip I'm burgers and stuff. GOT ANY IDEAS? have a great day!!!

  2. You popped up in my feed today so I’m a new subscriber. Back on the keto wagon. Was off for 4 months due to severe tmjd. Have been keto for 5 yrs prior to that. Gained 8lbs on a not eating anything but mush diet😫……the lmnt chocolate in iced coffee is my favorite. They have mint chocolate and caramel chocolate salt also and they are wonderful. Needing some motivation, so I’m happy to have found you. ❤

  3. Hello Paula, so glad Ed is alright. You both are genuine. Love you guys. I too make my own Mayonnaise. I have made them using either Avocado Oil and 1 egg or Olive Oil and 1 egg. Make sure egg is room temperature. I found out the hard way when I didn't do it. It never turned creamy just watery. As for my sister she is enjoying the diet. She lost 5 pounds. I showed her how to make the mayo last week because she loves salad and sandwiches. She bought a mini waffle to make bread waffles and loves it. She now calls me her coach. I'm happy she's on board with the rest of us keto people.

  4. Glad you two are doing ok. I’ve been going to try making the mayo. I’ve watched Lori on Whipperwill Hollow make it. She’s not keto, but I enjoy watching her. Her recipe seems about the same. I’m enjoying the heavy cream and cream zevia at the moment. Only exercise for me today was a trip to food city with my hubby. Enjoy the rest of your day!

  5. Strange how I just made myself a type of chaffles using only egg, cream cheese and shredded cheese. Put bacon and tomato between. Then sat down to watch you. Had to fast forward through the cut finger while I was eating. I sometimes get the same issue with my lower back after being with granddaughter. Not as often anymore as shes 4 and I try not to pick her up. I highly recommend an infrared heating pad. The heat goes in about 2 1/2 inches compared to electric at 1/8 inch. I swear by it.

  6. Yes here at the farm we have been making our own homemade mayonnaise and especially since the chickens give fresh eggs and avocado oil delicious. I am so glad that you made it today and like it. We make it ours in large mouth mason jar and keep it in the fridge which it really doesn’t last long for our big family. So glad that you both are feeling better. God bless 🙏.

  7. Hope your back is better soon and Ed’s finger heals quickly! Love watching you both! My hubby and I both do Keto together as well so I really enjoy watching. I’ve been keto since 11-2016 and then in May of 2017 my hubby asked me to teach him how to eat this way. Of course he quickly lost 90 lbs in 6 months and I’m still working on getting the last 40 off 6.5 years later but at 66 years old that’s just the way it is! ☺️ So many health benefits besides weight loss! ❤

  8. Great job on the mayo and it is better than many of the high priced ones that have less ingredients in them, I made some a few times just couldn’t eat it before it went bad I guess so gave up, maybe making a smaller batch as you did would be better. So glad to hear that Ed’s finger is okay, and hopefully it will heal without anymore issues. You both have a great weekend, oh yeah I take the weekend off from my exercise to give my body a break. #64 yearsandgoingstrong

  9. I haven’t missed a day of walking my 110 lb dog since January 1. Starting to melt messy and slippery supposed to get more snow today. I also follow free fitness videos w Sydney Cummings. Check her out have all levels, lengths and stretchs. Helps my mental health me time work full tim 65 years old. Thanks Paula love your daily videos.

  10. I used to have a terrible time making mayo. It would often come out loose and runny. I would make ranch dressing with it, but not the desired result. Then I tried Serious Keto's mayo recipe where he pasteurizes the egg yolks by heating them in the microwave to between 160 and 165. Takes less than a minute to do this, and it has made a huge difference in the results I am seeing. I haven't had a single failure with this recipe! Another plus is that this method extends the shelf life of the mayo from roughly a week to roughly a month in the fridge. Your mayo looked great! ❤️🥰❤️

  11. Yay, husband approved!! LOL. You guys are so sweet together and I love your sense of humor! Great video. The mayo looked good. I've made it with butter instead of the avocado oil and didn't like it as much because it got too hard. I'm going to try using avocado oil! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Hi Paula. Great video! Love the mayo! I used to make my own from time to time in my blender when my kids were little. Looks delicious! As does the BLT’s! Nothing wrong with having those yummy eggs 2 days in a row. Whatever works. Will pray for your back and Ed’s finger! Thanks for sharing!❤

  13. I make my own mayo, and my recipe is basically the same as the one you’re using. I never slowly drizzle in the oil. I just blend everything together with my immersion blender and it always turns out perfect. For easy cleanup and storage, I blend my mayo in a wide mouth mason jar, stick the cap on, and stick it right in the fridge.

  14. So glad to hear Ed’s finger is doing ok. Awful location. Hope he feels better soon! Hope your back starts feeling better. My husband has made butter mayo following the 2KK recipe. It was delicious. We were doing the BBBE challenge when he made it. The only downfall was it turned hard as a rock in the fridge. But fresh…I could have eaten it straight from the jar 🤣