Making soup.


Who likes soup? I like soup. Fighting soup recipe: -cerebralspinal fluid -blood -saliva -bone -teeth -aqueous humors -vitreous humors -their soul Our mission statement at @sheepdogresponse is to preserve and protect human life. Knowing violence is part of that.





  1. I’m not going to lie, I’m a 6’2 muscular capable young man….Tim Kennedy Scares the living shit out of me. I have never in my life felt fear towards a man before and as much as I love his stuff and humor, he also touches a very frightening area in my psych. Idk why. It actually makes me emotional hah. Isn’t that shit weird? I haven’t been abused or anything either. No offense to you Tim. I don’t mean it in a bad or good way. Just is what it is haha. Anyone else feel that way?

  2. Might be The most DANGEROUS man on the planet in every sense of the world.. my dear friend and team mate Bubba Mcdaniel was a training partner of Tims at Jackson's and said he's the last human being you want on top of you.. Jbj actually had his rib separated by Tim with his brutal knee on the bed pressure.. Tim is a bad bad Man.