Making Keto Pot Stickers Out of Something SURPRISING!


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Cabbage potstickers video:
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  1. Omg…you gals are so freakin entertaining I just love watching your vids. This is it, I’m subbing!☑️☑️☑️. I’m doing the 90 day carnivore right now, 3 weeks in , -20 lbs, but converting to keto afterwards. Looking forward to my new life😊

  2. I've been using wheat-free tamari sauce for a while just because I prefer the taste, organic when I can afford it, but the fermenting process helps get rid of most of the negatives; I know Bragg's isn't fermented, I don't know about the coconut aminos. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  3. Another Trick for distributing Xanthan Gum into Liquids is realizing that it will absorb Water instantly, SO,… Mix it into something that is not water first. FAT! When I am making a soup where i need to cook ingredients before adding Xanthan gum to thicken I add it in either of two ways:
    1. If I have fried meats or vegetables that are coated in their cooking oil, then I sprinkle the xanthan gum over these fat coated foods and stir it about. The xanthan gum sticks to the fats and is absorbed into the fats and doesn't clump. Then I add my broth. As the soup simmers, the xanthan gum slowly absorbs the water from the broth and thickens smoothly.

    2. If I have something that starts out brothy that needs thickening at the end, then I reserve some cooking oil, like melted butter, olive oil, bacon fat, whatever I'm cooking with ( But not cream, it has too much water) and I sprink the xanthan gum and whisk it into this oil. When I'm am ready to thicken the soup I just drizzle this loaded oil into the pot before the last simmer. Same as above, as the oil heats and separates into the soup, the xanthan gum picks up water and thickens evenly.

    I prefer method 1 to 2, as I have a lot of quick cook soups.

    With Dry ingredients, I like to sift the xanthan gum into the bulkiest of the dry ingredients. Unless there is a reason to add the Xanthan gum last, I like doing this because it is more evenly distributed naturally through being sifted through all the dry ingredients. So I'd probably try to sift the coconut flour and psyllium husk and Xanthan Gum all together. and add them as one dry ingredient.

  4. Okay, so an Asian Food Science Youtuber called "Souped Up Recipes" said that when making traditional meet dumplings filling, they stir the seasoned raw meat in one direction and one direction only to make meat strands that hold the meat together in the dumpling when cooked. She was making regular bread dumplings that steam and cook the meat inside.

    BUT I wonder if using the technique, could we not make little meatballs for our dumplings ahead of time that will then hold their shape when being pressed into our Low Carb Dumpling Wrap? So instead of cooking the ground meat into a crumble, make littel meat balls.

  5. Looks delicious… i agree with Sarah, i think they were over-filled a lil much for the press, and possibly bc the meat looked to have a few larger sz chunks could have resulted in the dough tearing… maybe try mashing the meat with a sturdy meat fork until it resembles sand texture as soon as you start to cook it… once it begins to turn colors it will remain in that sz. I think that would be better. Just my thoughts. (Shrug) Hope it works. I def want to try these… I ❤️ potstickers! 😊