Making a REALISTIC Vegan SALMON using Kenji Lopez-Alt Salmon Recipe


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Ever since I tried that first tofu salmon recipe I’ve been thinking about how to make it better. First I thought the marinade needed to be better, then I wanted to work on the texture a bit and last the final seasonings and outright salmon flavor. Thats why I decided to try Kenji Lopez’s Miso Salmon recipe ON the upgraded vegan tofu salmon and WOW did it pop!! THIS is going to be the new way you make VEGAN SALMON!

Tofu Salmon recipe

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Kenji Lopez miso salmon recipe

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  1. I have never eaten salmon, I have never seen salmon in a restaurant, in a grocery store. I don’t even know what texture it has after it has been sautéed. But I have a question, because I think I want to try this recipe. And, this question is mostly for Mark, it if anyone knows the answer, please respond….would the tofu make a better salmon if the freeze/thaw method for the tofu was used? Tofu has a very different texture to it when the freeze/thaw method is used, so I was wondering if using that method would give a more realistic mouthfeel than using the method used in this video.

  2. You are a good Wizard and I am SO happy that I found your channel. I have been amazed by every video. This is perfect for a vegan date night at home. I’m going to use this when I’m courting again after the Panoramic (Pandemic) 😂

    Edit: the mouth feel and heaviness of meat/seafood is something I realized is a huge thing for people questioning if they can partially or fully go plant based. I grew up on a lot of good plant based food(my dad’s family is Rastafarian so I lived on Ital food 🇬🇾) so I never thought about it until I started more meat living on my own as an adult but giving up most animal products made me realize it. I’ve said it before in a comment but this channel has really helped me convince my mom that going full vegan wouldn’t mean I would starve lol. Cheers.

  3. Why do Vegans try to make tofu be like meat? Have you noticed that Carnivores never make meat look like tofu? Making tofu look like meat is sort of like trying to make your wife look like your ex.
    Why not just be satisfied with tofu?? (and let your wife look like herself)