Low Carb PECAN PIE BATTLE – The BEST Keto Pecan Pie Recipe!


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Low Carb Pecan Pie Recipes – Keto Pecan Pie Recipe Battle!

Join us for an epic Low Carb Pecan Pie Battle, as we search for the best keto pecan pie recipe on the internet!

We narrow down the best sugar free pecan pie recipes that promise to deliver that ooey, gooey filling we crave in “real” pecan pies. These recipes are gluten-free, sugar-free, low carb and keto. Please check out the links below for the delicious recipes we tested!


Sugar Free Pecan Pie
by All Day I Dream About Food

The BEST Keto Sugar-Free Pecan Pie Recipe
by Wholesome Yum

**Y’all, just so we’re all clear, I’m here to test recipes. Inclusion in this video does not imply that these websites, recipes or their creators are in any way affiliated with, associated with or sponsored by Thrive Market or Highfalutin’ Low Carb. I personally researched and selected the recipes for testing myself. The conclusions I reached and the opinions I presented are solely my own. Prices presented here are for comparison only and were valid at the time of filming in November 2019. Prices are always subject to change.**


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  1. I'm so excited to see this!!!! Ever here at Thanksgiving I look forward to my husband's great aunts pecan pie. It is so amazing and I don't eat pecan pie any other time simply because hers is the best. I feel like I could easily make that pie and show up to dinner and have a piece with no guilt since I no longer eat wheat flour and sugar. These look amazing!!

  2. Boca Sweet is a simple sugar as I read it. I sure think I'm wrong but I have looked up everything I can and I still come up with simple sugar.
    If you know something different please contact me because I bought a few packages for ice cream, it's supposed to be make your ice cream softer than sweetening with erythritol, and now I can't use it.

  3. Lol, I will almost always choose a piece of "Pee-Can" pie as my choice of pie. – I grew up in the rainy soggy PNW and I always pronounced Pee-can pie. I Did 'nt have any exposure to the south at all, yet, here I am – so I can't tell you how validated you make me feel now, Thanks Wes! New Sub here – Love your vids too!.

  4. The second pie is more like a carmel pecan pie. I'm not the biggest fan of pecan pie (they're gonna take my Southern card…LOL) but my mom likes it so I may make the first one for her 🙂 I've followed All Day I Dream About Food for years and I just love her 🙂

  5. I tried the first one with the Bocha Sweet… It was very good. I used the Bocha in the crust recipe as well, no aftertaste, just like real pecan pie… Very good. you can get the best price direct from them. 52 bucks for 4 lb with free shipping. About $13 / pound. Swerve is $8 for 12 oz so it's $12 a pound so Bocha is only one dollar more per pound than swerve

  6. Bocha Sweet is the best and not really more expensive….slightly less sweet than sugar but no funny tastes and I get no stomach issues. you can get the best price direct from them. 52 bucks for 4 lb with free shipping. About $13 / pound. Swerve is $8 for 12 oz so it's $12 a pound so Bocha is only one dollar more per pound than swerve. I talk about it on my channel in a sweetener comparison video.

  7. Thanks for your channel I made this for Christmas Dinner today! You have helped me in so many ways and have given me confidence in cooking. Also want to thank you for supporting the hard work the recipe makers that work hard in perfecting the recipes. You are my favorite and go to channel when I want to cook low carb!. Merry Christmas to you and your husband and I love all your videos. You are amazing and I love your personality 💕

  8. Wes, I adore your channel, thank you! While I've been keto for a few years, my husband recently has joined the Keto ranks due to his health and without your videos to up my keto game with replacements for his favorite foods, I don't think I could get him to adhere to it. Thanks so much for making it a fun & entertaining learning curve with great recipes & reviews!

  9. I really wish you would give us the recipe. I have to go back and forth to find the recipe and try to watch you at the same time. So, in order to avoid that, I have to go there write it down and then watch you. It takes time to go thru wholesome's recipes, as there are many ads. You've already given the credit and that's great. Please consider as I love watching your vids.