Low Carb Keto Cloud Bread


A simple egg based keto bread that’s super low in carbs!

*Printable Recipe*

Here’s the ingredient list that you’ll need to make the cloud bread:

3 large eggs
3 ounces cream cheese softened
1 dash salt
1 pinch cream of tartar preferred but not required

**ONLY 0.6g carb per roll**


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  1. Late to the Keto party, but I have to say I am excited to have these in my oven right now. Having never whipped eggs before, even with my stick blender whisk attachment my arm gave out before they were really stiff but they were medium peaks and held up well when I mixed in the yolk mixture. You are the first person I have ever seen who put the yolks into the whites which I always thought would make more sense when I watched other videos. I also did the whites first so I didn't have to wash the whisk and could jump right into the yolk. I was never a big bread eater but like everything else in life when you are told you should not eat something you want it more. Wheat is inflammatory to my joints so there was always the price to pay the day after. I am now a subscriber – thank you for all the great ideas!


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