Low-Carb Ice Cream Alternative- 2 Min Bulgarian Yogurt Recipes


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Low-Carb Ice Cream Alternative- 2 Min Bulgarian Yogurt Recipes- Thomas DeLauer

Here’s ridiculously easy Bulgarian Yogurt recipes designed to be healthy (but tasty) replacements for traditional ice cream!






  1. Icelandic skyr is not yogurt. It's a different product, even though both have Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus. Yeasts are the deciding factor in the skyr making process, and what makes it different from yogurt. Skyr has about 3x more protein than yogurt, less fat and I'm not sure you can get the real thing except in Iceland and even here (I'm Icelandic and live in Iceland) you have to search if you want to find the old, traditional skyr, which is much thicker and tastes quite different from the newer, more common skyr you can buy at the store and does, yes, remind one of yogurt.

  2. Yes it does seem he's trying to make us rush out and pay whatever overly high price charged for his obscure brand yoghurt. Bad luck for him those brands are not available in my country. But this sort of nonsense is what puts people off the keto diet.

  3. I don't even see Bulgarian yogurt anywhere. Trader Joe's/ There's like literally none of these stores near me. Not driving 2 hr roundtrip for a yogurt. 🙁 Such a popular city I live in.. can't believe they wouldn't think of putting any here.

  4. Milk is keto friendly? thats news to me.. Heres what a simple google search gave me like I though: Milk is not keto friendly because it contains high amounts of sugar in the form of lactose. Milk may fit in to a lower-carb diet, but it contains too many carbs for a traditional keto lifestyle.

  5. I buy the Bulgarian yogurt in the glass jar that you pictured in the opening of this video. I love the flavor and can eat it without added sweeteners of any kind. After trying a few other plain whole milk yogurts, that one is actually semi sweet to me. I have lost my taste for sugar and approved sweeteners and end up adding only a quarter amount that is listed in recipes (or none).