Low Carb CHILI COOK-OFF – The BEST Keto Chili Recipe!


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Low Carb Chili Recipes – Keto Chili Recipe Cook-Off!

Join us for an epic Low Carb Chili Cook-Off, as we search for the best keto chili recipe on the internet!


Keto Chili
by That Low Carb Life

The Best Paleo & Keto Chili
by Gnom-Gnom

**Y’all, just so we’re all clear, I’m only here to test recipes. Inclusion in this video does not imply that these websites, recipes or their creators are in any way affiliated with, associated with or sponsored by Thrive Market or Highfalutin’ Low Carb. I personally researched and selected the recipes for testing myself. The conclusions I reached and the opinions I presented are solely my own. Prices presented here are for comparison only and were valid at the time of filming in January 2020. Prices are always subject to change.**


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  1. Good grief. No sugar in cornbread? Cornbread has so many variations across this country. I grew up with people who only sweetened it with honey. Some couldn't do it w/o buttermilk. Some in the oven, some on stove in a cast iron pan. I would throw a small scale hissy fit if no butter was around…but I wouldn't ruin the dinner over it. And, yes, I'm going to drop those Eden soybeans in these recipes.

  2. To replace the "beans" in my chili, I use 1/2 pound of stew meat, and use kitchen shears to cut the meat into smaller pieces, brown them first, remove from pan, THEN start the hamburger and other ingredients. Add the cooked stew meat "beans" after the hamburger is browned…😃and continue with the rest of the cooking process.
    You're welcome!💖

  3. This is a comment about using boiled peanuts. I am not a chili snob, but I am an aficionado. I like Texas style, Southern Style, and Cajun style, yum to all. First, unless from the South or you make them yourself, canned is your only option. The canned variety I use still has the shell. There are usually two flavors (spicy and regular), I recommend regular so more flavor of the chili is absorbed. I drain them, shell them, and added them just as I started the simmer phase of cooking. Give them at least an hour, three is better. Now, the result – Southern Chili with tomatoes and beans is the style I selected. I used the That Low Carb Life basic recipe. When done, the peanuts were a fantastic addition. My can of peanuts had no cards, just 3 grams of fiber (labeling). The taste was about in-between a Kidney and a Pinto bean along with very good bean-like constancy. This turns KETO chili into just another variant of chili. You must give this a try if you like chili with beans – very impressed, no compromise, low carb. Oh yes, remember portion control, you are going to want to eat the whole pot – which if you are on one meal a day – you CAN!!!!!

  4. I think gnom gnoms chili looks like it needs more liquid to make 4 nice servings. I am not a bean lover but I think every chili needs beans and cornbread should not be sweet! Linda from SW Va. Whenever I keep tasting things for hours, I usually think it had too much spice.

  5. Go by ounces not servings! That first recipe is 2 servings, 3 at most, not 6. Sick of recipes where the author claims unrealistic servings and, oh my lord, look how low calorie/low carb they are! Until you eat half the recipe. Well done Wes, you're the man!!

  6. Just discovered your channel today and, while I was irked with your cornbread video (😂😂) I kept watching a couple more and now I’m hooked!
    I see lots of people telling you their favorite chili recipes, so I’m tossing mine in there, too, in case you decide to do another chili cook off. I just love Peace, Love & Low Carb’s Slow Cooker Kickin’ Chili! It’s got a long ingredient list, but nothing crazy. I make it pretty much as written except I leave out the pickled jalapeños and swap in diced fire roasted tomatoes for the stewed tomatoes. My first thought was CELERY in chili? But I tried it and it definitely added something. I tried it without once, just to see, but went right back to putting it in. As a matter of fact, I now chop it a little bigger and the pieces have a little of the mouthfeel of beans. Once the moisture has mostly cooked out, they are soft and absorb the flavor of the chili.

  7. My husband of 43 yrs ( rip) told me in no uncertain terms.. there is Straight CHILI and Chili BEANS!
    He had a recipe that would have won our small town contest, but my step Mom stole his recipe and strong armed her friends. So he won 2nd place ( he was new to town).
    AND we both agreed..if you want cornbread ( NO SUGAR). If you want sweet..eat cake.
    I would slather mine in real butter and once in a while drizzle honey on it.
    Love your shows! Thank you!
    I used to subscribe to a cooking magazine ( when I was fat) now that I'm thinner and healthier with Keto, I'm subscribed to YOUR channel.