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This Sunday on CjsKetoKitchen we take a traditional non-keto recipe and turn it into a delicious keto friendly meal your whole family will enjoy .

One of the problems we had to overcome with this recipe is finding a low carb keto friendly replacement for a stable in many households “Bisquick.”

Sarah did some research and came across this Low Carb Bisquick recipe.

The full recipe is on our blog:


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  1. Hello CjsKetoKitchen Keto Family. We released this recipe for a couple of reasons. The first being for a recipe coming out on Sunday and we needed this. Secondly this type of mix is good to have in your kitchen. However please follow the link to the blog and the link to the original recipe, for greater detail on how to use this low Carb Bisquick substitute.

  2. Just what I needed today. Thanks so much. Sarah do you happen to know how long almond flour keeps opened but stored in a food tote not refrigerated. I realize now maybe I should have refrigerated it. I’ve tried to look it up but I get answers going both ways. PLEASE HELP. =}. Love to you both♥️

  3. I'm sorry this comment is so late, but I just ran across this video. My sister-in-law taught me to make 7up biscuits with Pioneer Baking Mix (similar to Bisquik I think). That was pre-Keto for me. I'm wondering if anyone has tried making a low carb or keto version of 7up biscuits using this Keto Bisquik recipe? If not I might try it and then post. Thank you!