Low calorie, healthy, actually fire cookies? 🤔






  1. Eating something like a snack once in a while should be fine. But I can’t imagine having just a cookie would be filling and curb the craving. Rather make a low cal mug cake and have some low fat frozen yoghurt with it. This usually comes around to 280cals.

  2. I recommend using coconut, chickpea or almond flour they are good to get more nutrients in. Also pure cacao powder is good for chocolate desserts and won't add many calories.

    Coconut oil is also good since it's lower calorie than regular oil.

    Allulose is a great sweetner and can be used as a powdered sugar replacement, stevia and monk fruit are also really good.

    When baking cakes you can use more egg whites to make them fluffier instead of using the whole egg (it saves calories without sacrificing protein)

    For toppings you can't go wrong with some nuts for nutrients and healthy fats, also dark chocolate tastes good with cookies and in the right amount won't add many calories.

  3. Everyone saying “just eat the cookie.” How about no? Don’t just eat the cookie. Figure something out that is better tailored to your plan, whether that’s gaining size or cutting down. Have some discipline. It’s not unhealthy to tailor your food choices to fit your goal.

  4. nuts are so high cal. i had to cut them mostly out cause i was eating so much. if you dont mind a bit chewy you can spare a few calories using tapioca flour and or oat flour. i been experimenting with that. keep it up buddy that great for a first try. btw butter is lower in calories than margarine, olive oil, coconut oil, and i have yet to find a lower one actually. yet. and its protein.