Low-calorie BENTO CAKE! Healthy SUGAR-FREE GLUTEN-FREE recipe!


Hey guys and welcome to Artem & Helen – Healthy cakes!
Wonderful mini-cakes for 1-2 persons, which can be presented as a gift to a teacher, doctor or girlfriend when you just go to visit! Just imagine how nice it is that the whole cake is for you alone and you can eat it completely with a spoon! How to correctly calculate, decorate and pack a Bento cake, I will tell in this video.
This low-carb dessert is a great meal for people who are choosing a healthy food, but like to eat something tasty!
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Macros per 100 g: Calories 152, Proteins 9, Fats 9.6, Carbs 9.2
Weight 400 g
Cake diameter 9 cm (3,5 inches)
Sweetener: 1 gram of my sweetener is equivalent to 10 grams of sugar.
Ingredients for the cake (150 grams of cake went into the cake):
Greek yogurt 180 g
Egg 3 pcs
Green buckwheat flour 75 g
Cocoa powder 24 g
Sweetener 6 g
Baking powder 9 g
Ingredients for the filling (30 grams of filling per cake):
Pear 100 g
Natural vanilla extract 1 tsp (
Sweetener 2 g
Ingredients for cream (55 grams per cake, the rest for coating and decoration)
Ricotta cheese 200 g
Coconut oil 10 g
Sweetener 3 g
Natural dye Black carrot 2 g
Natural dyes:
Green: Matcha tea (
Blue, cyan, purple (when adding lemon juice): blue matcha (
Orange, yellow: turmeric
Pink, different shades: freeze-dried berries in powder.
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