Love & Best Dishes: Tuna and Apple Sandwiches Recipe | Tuna Salad Recipes Easy


Tuna and Apple Sandwiches Recipe | Tuna Salad Recipes Easy – Paula and Michael love easy recipes with canned tuna! This tuna apple salad recipe is a great option if you need healthy lunch ideas.
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Tuna and Apple Sandwiches Recipe:
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  1. My Mimi was a member of a 12-lady bridge club. So, once every three months, it was her turn to host. She always made tuna salads as part of the luncheon break. I'd sneak downstairs late at night and eat half of it. She eventually learned to make way more and hide it in the other fridge… It had apples and celery… Loved it. Miss my Mimi every day.

  2. Anything Paula makes is probably good but some one needs to address the fact that she touches her nose several times, licks her finger, wipes of the mayo with the same finger, constantly touching her mouth and keeps on cooking and does not wash her hands until 4:38 seconds into the video, no one is watching me cook and I would never do that.

  3. Momma always made her tuna fish with chopped apples, celery, green onions and chopped boiled eggs with sweet pickle relish mixed with a really good Mayo. She would toast her bread. I like mine soft and untoasted with extra mayo on each piece of bread. She'd cut them in triagles and serve with plain Lay's potato chips and a halved kosher dill pickle on the side. Lunch was served!

  4. i can remember when you had the choice between packing in water or oil. I liked the oil too but its really hard to find here. I'm definitely making your tuna. Never thought about an apple. I'll have to add sweet relish, eggs and onion to mine. then it will be a sandwich. lol… on a side note: I thought I was going to fall out of my chair when you said get it yourself fat boy to Michael. that was so funny.

  5. Watching You & Michael razz each other is a hoot!!😆😆 I would add some pecans and celery. My momma use to put my tuna fish in a dish and bag my lettuce & bread separately so i could make it my self and not have a soggy sandwich. She would also as a change put the tuna salad on a bedd of lettuce in a dish. Both are yummy. 😋❤

  6. I love tuna salad sandwiches I also fix Tuna Melts… fixed your sandwich and melt butter in a pan add a slice of cheese and put the sandwich in the hot butter toast it like a grill cheese and it is so yummy good….. love watching you and Micheal pick on each other…. me and my husband are the same way…. we joke and pick that's what makes a happy life is a happy wife…. 😁☺😝😊