Love & Best Dishes: Summer Vegetable Salad Recipe | Marinated Veggie Salad


Summer Vegetable Salad Recipe | Marinated Veggie Salad – Jamie loves fresh veggie recipes and summer salad ideas for lunch, so today he’s sharing a healthy marinated vegetable salad.
marinated vegetable salad; fresh veggie recipes; summer salad ideas for lunch; heathy Southern recipes
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Summer Vegetable Salad Recipe:
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  1. 10-4 on purple onions — they are beautiful to look at but too strong for me. Love this salad, Mr. Jamie — the dressing looks so scrumptious that I may have to give this a whirl. Thanks for the nice presentation. Love to all and have fun in the good ole summertime!

  2. In what world does 3tsp equal 2T? Is the taste affected by putting in half the vinegar called for? Your Moms' beautiful pewter set of measuring spoons and cups is just an arms length away from you. This was disappointing from someone who usually adores your videos. Would it have been that hard to do it correctly? 🙄