Love & Best Dishes: Michael's World Famous Tuna Salad Recipe | How to Make Tuna Salad


Michael’s World Famous Tuna Salad Recipe | How to Make Tuna Salad – You’re in luck—today you can learn Michael Groover’s tuna salad recipe, which he claims to be the best tuna salad recipe!
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Michael’s World Famous Tuna Salad Recipe:
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  1. I made this recipe today for our lunch. I used canned tuna in water. I used a strainer to remove the water. I also happened to have Romaine lettuce leaves to use instead of a roll and, it is delicious! I also want to tell you that I try to add shaved carrot to my tuna salad giving it another healthy addition. 💗"💗and best dishes…" to Paula and Michael.

  2. This is the absolute hands down best tuna salad I have ever tasted! The only thing I did differently was I used my own sweet relish. Didn't need any other seasonings. It's so simple but devine!!! I made the same face Michael did!!. Thank you so much Paula. I just love your laugh. God bless you both!

  3. Really, you don't want your eggs to touch the water why because I was told when you have electrical egg poacher which is can be a poacher or boiling unit I have and they say to put cold water over the edge eggs to kill back stage. What do you think of that