Love & Best Dishes: Jack’s Favorite Pasta Salad with Loads of Veggies Recipe


Love & Best Dishes: Jack’s Favorite Pasta Salad Recipe – Jamie’s cooking up another pasta dish with loads of veggies and an array of fresh vegetables that’s a must-try…Jack’s Pasta Salad with Veggies!
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  1. Paula, I cannot eat tomatoes anymore, though I have fond memories of them. when I could still eat them. So I added Diced Sweet Red Bell Peppers in place of the tomatoes. Turned out great. Thanks so much for sharing your recipes, I enjoy watching and listening to you. During this Covid 19 Virus I have kept close to home, so listening to you has allowed me to feel less lonely. Best Wishes. Celese

  2. I hate when people put stuff from their sinks back into the food which is going to be shared. There's no sink CLEAN ENOUGH for me. That's nasty. Paula's famous for licking fingers and using her taste spoons to mix the food. I don't like SHARING my germs with anyone and I don't want theirs either……LOL.

  3. I was anxious to see what was in your Salad dressing before I watched this Video and as soon as I looked up your recipe I got so excited because I have been making my dressing this exact same way since back in the 1990's when Pasta salad's became the new thing. What a great tasty Salad you just can't go wrong with this dressing mixture. Here are some of my add ins, diced mushrooms, pinenuts, diced zucchini, small diced mozzarela pieces, cherry tomatoes, diced carrots, different colored bell peppers, and broccoli but not steamed, and grated Parmesan cheese.

  4. Hi Paula. Just thought I'd shout out and let you know Amazon sells several different brands of wagon wheel pasta. Check on the package for size because some are regular and some are mini size. Just watched your video on Jack's Favorite Pasta Salad which looks delicious. Making my grocery list right now, so I can make myself some. Love and best wishes for your remarkable 'DISHES". Linda from Texas.