Love & Best Dishes: Hearty Three Bean Salad Recipe


Love & Best Dishes: Hearty Three Bean Salad Recipe – Need something easy, delicious, and healthy? Well, Paula’s hit the jackpot, y’all! Bobby’s here to help cook up a dish that’s guaranteed to please—his Hearty Three Bean Salad!
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  1. Love and have missed watching you Bobby ❤ . I have pretty much stopped watching the 'network' y'all were on and didn't realize that I could have found you guy's on you tube until recently, having issue's with short-term memory loss, you're on my homepage now so hopefully will be able to find more of what I've been missing from you both!

  2. Bobby, since I am usually accustomed to a touch of sweetness in my 3-bean salad, but don't want to use sugar, do you think a little Lakanto Monkfruit sweetener would work in it?? I use it a lot instead of sugar. It's the classic one that is 1 for 1 substitute for sugar and tastes just like sugar. Melaney from SoCal