Love & Best Dishes: Cold Cucumber Salad Recipe | Summer Salad Ideas


Cold Cucumber Salad Recipe | Summer Salad Ideas – You know Paula makes summer salad recipes easy, like this easy cucumber salad with mayonnaise. It’s the perfect creamy cucumber salad, y’all!
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Cold Cucumber Salad Recipe:
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  1. This “green salad” as she called it is crying out for a little sugar or sweetener and white onion! For Heaven’s sake, use a guard on the mandolin! That metal reactive pan was about the worst thing she could use to leech the water out of the cucumber! Unless one has their own garden or is flavoring a heap of salmon, don’t waste your money on fresh dill (as all the “fancy” food tv shows/videos would have us do)! I know I’d never ever use the whole bunch! Dried dill is just fine. Happy Saturday everyone!

  2. Hey y'all, this cucumber salad will be a nice change. I never use mayo and sour cream dressing on them. Can't wait to try them!
    Miss Paula, I only cut the very end off one side of the cuke and then you have something to hold onto and throw away when your done!! Especially when you don't have the guard. Well, it works for me! ❤ Happy Labor Day, everyone. 😘🇺🇸🍺