Love & Best Dishes: 7-Layer Salad Recipe | Summer Salad Ideas


7-Layer Salad Recipe | Summer Salad Ideas – Need Memorial Day cookout recipes? Paula’s layered salad with peas and bacon is one of her favorite cookout sides for a crowd.
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7-Layer Salad Recipe:
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  2. My Aunt was eating tortilla chips and started chocking. She ran to the sink and tried putting warm water in her mouth to soften the chip. My Aunt was not a little woman. She was tall and heavy. My dad lifted her off the ground doing the Heimlich several tries before getting that chip dislodged. She cried like a baby and hugged my dad hard. She said if you weren’t here I would have died. She never ate tortilla chips again.

  3. Finally made it to Paula Dean’s restaurant in Nashville! An awesome experience! The meal was totally delicious and the perfect amount of food served for my husband and myself! The server, was amazing! Made my way to the store afterwards and made sure to buy some of that Paula Deen seasoning!

  4. The salad looks good, but it was pretty gross to see her wipe her nose with her finger, then go straight back to touching the lettuce. (4:18) These videos should show cleanliness as well as delicious recipes. She did it again at 9:14, wiped with her hand, but this time you could hear her sucking snot back up her nose at the same time. Disgusting. I sure wouldn't want to eat anything that she prepared.