Lose Weight FAST without Giving up Lasagna, Rice Pilaf…


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Here’s how to eat delicious keto meals for a week with you favorites like waffles, lasagna, spaghetti and “rice” pilaf while keeping TOTAL CARBS less than 20 g.


Low Carb Marinara:
Shelf Stable Cauliflower Rice:
Sugar Free Balsamic Vinaigrette:
Taco Seasoning:
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  1. Thank you for these recipes, especially the salmon bites. Unfortunately I don't have an air fryer. My question is if and how can the salmon bites be cooked in the oven? Since I have been on a low carb/low sugar diet this year I find so many times that my meal choices are limited. I love more ideas that are close to the meals I used to cook before I went low carb. I enjoy all your videos and how well you explain everything I need to know about eating low carb foods to keep my blood sugar low.

  2. I didn’t like the fork scrape waffle video because I hate metal on glass, took me by surprise, but it only took a split second to stop the video! Sorry, I have misophonia and I cannot stand metal on glass sound. I’ve learned to put your videos on low volume to help alleviate the metal/glass trigger. 😊

  3. I think you're absolutely right about the total vs net carbs. I lost 70lbs by staying under 20 total carbs but I maintain it with 20 net carbs. As usual, these are great recipes and I had never thought to use tuna that way….lunch today!

  4. Great info for beginners or even those of us that have Keto for a while a need a reminder. I think it's great that there's so many easy pre packaged Keto friendly options now…but most of the time those are not the best options…I'll definitely be adding the rice pilaf to my menu planning!

  5. This came at the perfect time. I've been doing low carb with counting net carbs & intermittent fasting, but not getting anywhere with my blood sugars and my weight loss stalled. I now subscribed to your monthly Patron and am looking forward to digging into your menus & information for my husband and me. Please keep the 20gm/day total carb monthly 7-day meal plan going. Thank you so much for sharing all your knowledge & hard work. Love your channel.

  6. I think the purpose of keto is to eat less processed food. Bacon is highly processed lots of sodium and some sugars. I feel keto means lean chicken, meat and fish. Certain vegetables and dmall amount of berries in moderation. However if you are very healthy and have no medical issues to do keto this looks OK.

  7. Love all the wonderful menu ideas in this video! And I believe all of them were phase one approved, according to Dr. Westman, in his End your carb Confusion book, except one of the recipes, and that was the chaffle recipe, because of the almond flour, but that can easily be substituted for protein powder for sure!

  8. You should be informing your viewers that erythritol, now without the warning label, is harmful to some people. Not doing this is unethical. The warning label disappeared mysteriously from the front of the packaging on a product I consumed (during the Trump administration) and it was making me extremely ill. I had depended on the warning for years. I finally discovered that the warning label is no longer required by the FDA. Now youTube presenters are pushing this stuff endlessly. At least tell your viewers this fact so they can be aware that this stuff can make people sick. erythritol is in some foods – like watermelon – but in extremely tiny amounts.