Let’s be honest + Mama’s famous soup recipe! | VLOG | Aysha Harun


HEY FAM! As the end of the year approaches, times are getting busier for me so I open up a little so y’all can understand what’s up! Check below for the soup recipe! SUBSCRIBE if you’re new & LIKE this video to show support! xoxo ================================ CONNECT WITH ME! ♡ Instagram: ♡ Twitter: ♡ Facebook: * BUSINESS INQUIRIES ONLY * Please contact kirstin.enlow@thedigitalbrandarchitects.com or info@ayshaharun.com Music by Epidemic Sound ================ ================== Mama’s Famous Soup Recipe (use as much or as little of each vegetable – your preference!) – 2 chicken breast (with bone for more flavor!) – red onion – green onion – chopped tomato – zucchini – celery – cilantro – diced pumpkin (we used squash here, but prefer pumpkin) – diced potato – diced carrots (we used shredded here, but prefer diced or rounds) – red lentils – a Half cup of oatmeal or grains (for texture) – crushed garlic (healthy amount, maybe 5 – 7 cloves) – crushed ginger – oregano – lemon pepper – black pepper – turmeric powder (for color) – paprika (for color) – coriander powder – cumin powder – salt – Let it cook a little in some olive oil (5 mins) then top it off with chicken broth & water until all veggies are covered well. Cook until the veggies are tender and chicken is cooked (about 30 mins or more). ================================== COUPON CODES: VOILECHIC HIJABS 10% OFF CODE | AYSHA10 | VIELED COLLECTION MODEST CLOTHING 20% OFF CODE | AYSHA Ultimate Skin Spa System 70% off CODE | aysha70 | * TECH I USE * Canon 80D | Sigma 30mm f1.4 Art Lens | Canon G7x Mark || (vlogs) | Canon M50 | RODE Video Mic Pro | * FAQ * Where do you live? – Los Angeles, CA What did you study in uni? – Business Admin / Marketing Ethnicity? – Ethiopian / Harari Age? 24 FTC Disclaimer: Not sponsored. Some links above are affiliate links! All opinions are my own. .





  1. Okay so many things.
    1 soup looks BOMB. Definitely making that asap!
    2 seeing your mom at your place, you 2 doing all this stuff together. Its sooo heartwarming. Reminds me of the times my mommy comes to stay with me and help me with my kids etc. Absolutely LOVE it.

    3 hows the lactaid? I'm 99% sure I'm newly lactose intolerant and its been a struggle girl. I'm finally okay with almond creamer and oat milk in my morning coffees. Im taking lactaid pills when I consume dairy though and I think it helps?

    4 on the advisory board for diversity for GLOW?! shuttup. That's so big!! So proud of you!!

    5 go get them sponsors girl. That's success! And you're so genuine mashallah that I'm sure most of us trust your sponsored content to be honest anyway.

    Sorry for the length. Just a huge fan!

  2. I really love how you have so much support from family and friends Aysha. This is such a beautiful thing and to see you doing all things and handling challenges with so much positivity and grace. I am beyond grateful for that. You are growing through all this and are an inspiration to use all. God bless you so much! 🙂


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