Lentils and Rice | You’ll want to MEAL PREP this ONE POT HIGH PROTEIN dish the rest of the year


This might not be a dish you are familiar with, but once you make it once, you will fall in love with this Lebanese dish called Mujadara.

It’s full of flavor, made in one pot, PERFECT for meal prep, PERFECT to impress people with and it’s completely Top 9 Allergen friendly.

Give it a try and let me know what you think!

★Recipe ★



00:00 how to make mujadara
4:25 mujadara finished
4:34 Childhood Story Time
6:19 Background on today’s recipe
6:42 Why you should soak lentils in a brine
6:55 Perfecting Caramelizing onions
7:58 Do you do this?
8:13 Reducing the cook time for this recipe
9:08 why we cook our spices
10:03 swapping brown rice

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  2. When I tell this dish was smackalicious!! I made this rice for my high school brothers who always need meat with their meal but they said they could eat this dish by itself. That is huge in my book. It had the whole house smelling like a 5 star restaurant. I need to make this again.

  3. The visual DID help😭 I was disappointed because I didn’t understand and went “oh well mushy rice and lentils like always” it was actually helpful for other recipes too that have a bean and a grain. THANK YOU❤ I just realized I’m a visual learner

  4. Theres a variation made in South Lebanon called mujadarra hamra or red mujaddara and its made with bulgur wheat instead of rice. Its so delicious and tastes slightly more earthy and has even more protein. Filling and a great meal for our whole family during the Orthodox fast.