Lentil Soup | Traditional Scottish soup recipe :)


Hello folks! Support my wee channel (only if you want πŸ™‚ or why not consider clicking the ‘join’ button here on YouTube to become a channel member? Welcome back to What’s For Tea. Today I made a lovely big pot of lentil & bacon soup… if you wanted to keep this vegetarian, just leave out the bacon πŸ™‚ REALLY tasty this one and lovely with crusty bread at the side. Everything I used will be listed below incase you want to make these for yourself. Thanks for stopping by, -Cheryl x ____________________________________________________________________ What I used – Makes 6 good sized bowls of soup 200g (7 oz) Smoked bacon lardons (or 8 rashers chopped up) 2 Medium onions peeled & roughly chopped Half a swede peeled & chopped 2 Medium carrots peeled & chopped 200g (7 oz) Split red lentils (rinsed a few times in cold water) 1 Tablespoon of rosemary (optional) 2.6 pints (1.5 Litres) of Vegetable or chicken stock Salt & Pepper to taste ________________________________________________________________________________ CONTACT ME: New PO Box coming soon! Instagram: whatsfortea3 Email … reach me here: askwhatsfortea@outlook.com Support my wee channel (only if you want πŸ™‚ Want your Degustabox for Β£ 9.99? just click the link below.





  1. I make lentil and bacon soup quite alot. I love it. Can i just say that i laughed out loud when you talked about rinsing the lentils to prevent the scum. I wondered how many non scots knew what you were talking about. It took me way back to when mum used to make pans of soup.

  2. Being Scottish myself, I grew up with eating lentil soup – my mother’s and my granny’s lentil soup (my mum’s mum), although ma grannie mostly made Scotch Broth with flank mutton. I make lentil soup myself. Looking at your recipe, it is fantastic and love the way yours turned out. I use bacon like yourself, I use leek instead of onion but onion is great also. What I’m curious about is the white pepper. I need to buy it and add some to the soup. I’ve got mixed pepper corns in a mill and I don’t like some of the peppercorns in the mixed. I’m more used to black peppercorns. I love the fact you added swede to it which I need to do more often. I usually just dice carrot and finely chop leek – I also put a little mixed Italian herbs. I definitely want to try it your way as I like the sound of white pepper in it to give it a kick. Your soup looks delicious and good quality bacon you added.

  3. When I was a wee boy in Inverness we had lentil soup for school dinners every week in the winter. The staff would have a big enamel jug and go around the tables just refilling everyone’s bowl over and over. Sliced plain loaf piled up high on the table along with big chunks of red cheddar cheese. Mmmm…. I can taste it now , even though it was 60 years and more ago.

  4. I made this with a few substitutes yesterday, using up veggies I had in the fridge. So I used potato, carrot and lentils, with some bacon. I don’t often use stock cubes, so added salt, pepper, basil, coriander and generous dashes of tobasco and Worcestershire sauce. Absolutely scrummy and I felt very cosy eating it in the settee in front of Pointless.

  5. Lentil soup is my favourite. U do it completely different from me. I make mine with ham hawk, Lentils onions and carrots. I don't fry anything and don't add stock because of the ham hawk. My kids love it and I love it thick too. This looks lovey though.


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