Lentil Soup: Easy & Healthy Vegetarian Recipe


Making lentil soup is very similar to making regular lentil peas as a side dish to rice or dumplings. You can use the same aromatics and herbs to achieve similar flavor. The difference would be in adding more liquid, extra veggies and of course, provisions.

Chrisal tries lentil soup for the first time and delivers an excellent recipe.

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  1. @eatahfood Chrisal is a BOSS!! Just the way how she describe everything in detail, and let's not forget how bigup the producer and when she's not familiar with what she's using she make fun of herself using it…ABSOLUTELY LOVE HER!!!

  2. Very good presentation. For marketing purposes, you should promote your name at the beginning and at the end of the presentation so that you become identifiable and remembered (Branded). Thanks for scraping the bowls with your fingers. I don't know where all of a sudden everybody wants to scrape their bowls with a utensil and leave a ton of stuff behind because they on camera. Also, in due time I imagine that you will get an overhead camera to give the audience alternative views of the presentation. Very well done!