Lentil Balls Recipe | A Healthy & Complete Meal Idea! 😍 It's VEGAN, Bugdet-Friendly and SO Easy!


Today, we’re exploring an exciting recipe straight from Turkey – our DELICIOUS Lentil Balls 🧡. This is the Turkish version of Lentil Patties, packed with flavors that will tantalize your taste buds. Plus, they’re easy to whip up and provide a healthy option for those snack cravings. So, if you’re ready to embark on this gastronomic journey with me, let’s dive into the recipe!


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Servings: 8-10
Difficulty: Medium
Cooking time: 30 dk
Prep time: 10 dk

2 cups red lentils
4 cups of water, 1 L
1 cup fine bulghur
2 onions, chopped
2 tablespoons tomato paste
2 tablespoons red pepper paste
1 bunch of spring onions, finely chopped
1 bunch of parsley, finely chopped
¾ cup olive oil, 2,82 oz or 80 g
1 tablespoon cumin powder
1 teaspoon black pepper
2 teaspoon salt, according to saltness of the pastes


Lettuce leaves
Lemon slices

• Rinse the lentils, transfer them in a pot. Add the water and 1 pinch of salt, let them boil for 20-25 minutes on medium heat. Don’t forget to close the lid and mix time to time.
• When the lentils are all cooked and look like a thick soup, turn the heat off. Open the lid and wait for 5 minutes for the first heat to come out.
• Add the bulghur into the cooked lentils and mix, close the lid again wait for 10-15 minutes.
• While the bulghur absorbing water, pour 3 tablespoon of olive oil, onions and a pinch of salt in a pan on high heat. Sautee them until the onions get softer and a little caramelized. Add the tomato and pepper paste, cook them like 3-4 minutes and turn the heat off.
• When bulghur-lentil mixture and onion-pastes mixture get cooler, mix them in a tray. Add cumin, black pepper and salt and knead them until they all mix well. Add rest of the olive oil and knead again.
• Add spring onions and knead until their edgy taste gets lighter. Then add the parsley. Knead a bit more to all ingredients mixed well.
• For the traditional serving style grab lime size pieces, place inside your palm and squeeze gently to give the hand shape. To shape easier wet your hands time to time.
• You can also serve lentil köfte as a big ball, and let your guests take their own squeezes. Or you can make small balls and cover them with some sesame seeds, red pepper flakes, poppy seeds or parsley. In another option you can shallow fry your lentil köftes.
• Serve your lentil köfte which is the best vegan treat with lemon slices and some lettuce leaves.





  1. Thank you for another inspiring video and recipes! I love your energy, your love for food and for me this kind of a totally new approach to cooking! I saw a bunch of your videos til now and discovered lots of new things coming from a German cuisine to then cooking more Italian stuff and I love how you make my cooking horizon much more wider!
    Through your videos I discovered cumin for marinade my meet and use just the juice of an onion (I normally would just use chopped onions for marinade) to tenderize it and it made SUCH a difference!!! I made a farmers stew today and with those little twits it tasted really like another level! Thank you sooo much!
    I also commented the AI Video and thank you for dropping it and putting more effort in and re-do some videos for us non Turkish speakers so we can have the same energy from you, hear your passionate voice and get invested in re-cooking your inspiring recipes! Much love to you and your whole team! ❤

  2. A day late watching this due to time management 😩( torturous for such a Refika fan) Your sincerity regarding your AI presentation was lovely and made me so relieved and happy🥰 Your presence is like tonic for the soul.
    Thank-you for this video- yet another fantastic recipe- full of enthusiasm, team spirit and passion for your cuisine. Keep well and can’t wait for next Saturday‼️😁💃🏼

  3. Refica, can I use medium bulgar or fine cous cous and would the ratios be the same? It’s impossible to find fine bulgar where I live and I would rather spend my money in the Small Town that I live in. I’m so glad I found this recipe this morning as I have some left over Mutabbal your delicious recipe of course that I think will be delicious with this.

  4. Meat köftes and lentil köftes are things on its own and can't be compared. I made lentil köftes for Christmas but there was something missing in the flavor… I gotta try your recipe as well in order to get my final opinion about the dish 😅😂