LEMONY LENTIL & CHICKPEA SOUP | from my healthy meal prep cookbook!


This vegetarian lentil soup recipe is filled with bright lemony flavors! And bonus, it’s protein-packed with the addition of chickpeas and spinach. You’re gonna love the Mediterranean vibes in this soup and will definitely have it on repeat – it’s a good thing it’s perfect for meal prep!

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00:00 Intro
00:50 Cookbook sneak peek
01:31 Chop and prep the veggies
03:08 Saute the veggies and simmer the soup
03:30 Rinse the lentils
04:07 Make the lentil soup on the stove
06:10 Meal prep leftovers of the lentil soup
07:22 Taste test

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  1. Good morning Maam Lisa. I did make the black beans soup yesterday and my husband loved it! It's so yummy and very easy simple ingredients yet nutritious and easy to follow as cooking is not my top skill. I'm looking forward to make this new recipe by this week. The main reason why I make your recipes it's because it's packed with anti-inflammatory ingredients and definitely simple to make 💖👨‍❤️‍👨 Edmonton Alberta Canada

  2. Can you please do both methods of videotaping but I have to say the way you do them has always been one of the reasons why I personally enjoy your videos they're so clean and perfectly edited. Believe it or not they're also very relaxing to watch your videos.

  3. Please keep filming as you have been. It is just wonderful to watch your videos as is and your recipes always amaze me. They are so delicious and easy to replicate. When i want to find something awesome and healthy to cook, I go to your videos or website. I will be ordering your new cookbook as well. Congratulations on your continued success on YouTube and in life you are truly an inspiration to us all trying to live a more health life!!!

  4. I LOVE your videos and just made the black bean soup this weeek!! Also, the theory behind "downshifting your life" in general is something that I so connect with and have been truly inspired by!   I do really appreciate the voiceover because it is so clean and I think it makes you different from a lot of the other YouTubers out there.

  5. Contrary to most commentors here, I personally would love if you release lenghthy cook as you go as you talk style videos every now and then, like a stream! Your voice and content is so so soothing I'd love to just put them on auto play all day or even sleep listening to it! Think about doing your signature meal prep videos in a streaming sort of way, and I think a lot of us would really like it. Don't get me wrong, The clean style videos you are doing currently are god sends when I'm searching for recipe ideas so I love them too💕💕either way I think I will enjoy your recipes, big fan here🥰🥰

  6. I like the way you have been doing videos.
    Having said that, I just watched the recording of the turkey burger patties and I have to say, I also like the more candid “chatty” version. 😁 It helps me to have a better feel for the time it takes and overall cooking experience.
    I’m looking forward to getting your cookbook and seeing more of your videos! However you decide to make them ❤