Korean SoyBean Paste Stew/Soup Recipe + Vegan Recipe (DoenJang Jjigae: 된장찌개) – Ep #15


How To Make Korean SoyBean Paste Stew (DoenJang Jjigae) Recipe @ How To Make Korean SoyBean Paste Soup; Includes Vegetarian, Vegan & Paleo Friendly Recipe. For more Korean recipes, please visit

FYI – DoenJang Jjigae is Korea’s Hearty Miso Soup, loaded with so many vegetables…YUM!

Korean DoenJang Jigae/Jjigae Stew (SoyBean Paste Soup) is a classic dish that is enjoyed by many Koreans on a regular basis.  It is a simple stew that comforts many HANGRY Souls…:-)   Unlike miso paste, Korean Soy Bean Paste is rich in its aroma, depth of flavors, and creamy nutty taste.  (NO, it does not taste like peanuts/nuts.)   Perhaps, this stew may not be as popular as Kimchi Stew among non-Koreans, BUT this stew is worthy of all the YUMMY goodness that equally rivals the addictive tastes of Kimchi stew.  AND, this stew is ideal for those looking for non-spicy Korean stew. 

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  1. Comparing daeng jang jigae to chicken noodle soup is quite odd in my opinion. Chicken kalguksu is the chicken noodle soup of Korea. Also, I would highly suggest to use natural ingredients for the soup base such as anchovies and wakame (dried kelp) instead of dashida.