Korean Birthday Soup (Miyeokguk: 미역국)


Miyeokguk is a soup made of edible seaweed and is traditionally eaten on birthdays or after giving birth, although you can eat anytime you like. Full recipe: My newest cookbook, Maangchi’s Big Book of Korean Cooking: My first cookbook, Real Korean Cooking: Get my letter on the first day of every month! My Instagram, where I post photos: My Facebook for updates: Twitter where we share photos of Korean food we made: My new TikTok for short videos :.





  1. How interesting that the Korean culture have this soup for a whole month after giving birth. In my Hmong culture, we also have a similar tradition when we give birth too. We have chicken soup boiled with lots of different herbs and also have rice on the side and we’ll also eat this for breakfast, lunch and dinner for a whole month too.

  2. Hi Maangchi, I know this video is not about kimchi but since this was your most recent video I thought you would see this message. Recently I watched another kimchi video and I noticed that the person put raw bean powder and mix it in with the glutinous rice flour, is that OK to do and if so how much of the powder should I use and also what kind of bean powder should I use? Thank you in advance!

  3. This is so similar to the collard greens I grew up eating in Alabama and Georgia! Greens simmered with flavoring and fatty meat, traditionally a ham hock – so delicious and nutritious! We make it every New Years day with black eyed peas for good wealth and good luck. Serve with pepper vinegar and pickapepper sauce for the authentic experience!


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