Korean food is relatively uncharted territory for us and something we’re getting really interested in, Bibimbap is kind of like ramen, but without the noodles or broth and the sauce is a cross between sweet and soup and blacken sauce. It’s a new flavour for us and it really inspired us to search more into Korean cuisine. That’s what we always try to do when we introduce new recipes to the channel, inspire people to go on their own culinary adventure. Let us know if you know any amazing Korean food as we’d love to research it more.

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  1. Really beautiful, Dudes… you must go to Seoul… the street food is quite amazing. I’ve been more than 100 times in my life- mostly for business.
    I’m afraid you’ve missed the real pleasure of bibimbap (bee-bim-bop) literally “mixed rice” it’s the serving in a deep bowl with the ingredients presented as you have done, but for the diner to enjoy the actual mixing of the rice with the ingredients themselves. . Traditionally, this would involve breaking the fried egg yolk, mixing in some kalbi bbq and the gochujang paste before eating. The red radish would not appear in the Korea version, but a daikon might. Thanks for the memories… haven’t been to Seoul for 7 years now and I miss it. 👍

  2. You two are adorable (including the third brother!) This looks incredible, will definitely be making it! love the trick with pressing the pot over the mushrooms to sear them. I've made some of your other dishes and they've come out amazing. Love the content – keep it going gentlemen!

  3. I myself am typically oil free but, y'all. That sesame oil is a total game changer. I end up cooking mine totally oil free but then when it's done, I drizzle maybe a tablespoon of oil over the whole pot (and I make a huge skillet of the stuff). It evens out to about a tsp per serving, which really isn't all that bad. I've been literally living off bibimbap lately so I enjoy seeing others' takes on it. Thanks for sharing, Dudes!! 🙂

  4. Really, it would be better to use short grain rice for this, and if you're going down the soy bean route for the sauce, using some doenjang instead of miso paste if you can get your hands on it would be tons better, otherwise gochujang would be the more traditional option. But still nice to see you guys experimenting with different cuisines!

  5. I am a fan and subscriber who lives in Korea. 🙂 I was enjoying your cooking video because there are many parts that can be applied in Korea. It's so nice to watch you guys bibimbap recipe. Korean food can provide a wide variety of possibilities for vegetarians. If you guys come to Korea, I want to share various recipes! Thank you for the good video.:D

  6. 2 tablespoons of oil, a handfull of oyster mushrooms,use a pott to compress it.
    1 Tablespoon of Miso, 1 Tablespoon marple sirup, 2 tablespoons of sesam oil, half a tablespoon of chilipaste, 3 tablespoon of water. Put 2 Tablespoons of the sauce to the mushrooms.
    Cut,reddish. cucumber, carrot. 200 precooked ricce in the pan to heat it up, put it in a bowl anda little bit of sauce. Vegetable, rice, kimchi, mushrooms on top.


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