KETOVORE Recipe Ideas ( What I Ate This Week )


What I Ate This Week Ketovore Meat Based Keto / Carnivore
what i eat in a day restriction for my hashimoto’s disease and thyroid health
Melissa’s Keto Recipe The BEST Keto Chili You have ever had :

FOllow me :

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  1. Nice. I know you don't know me, but I personally believe, if you found some teenager or collage student or even a professional videographer, you could up your game twofold. I see too many out of focus shots and many just not focused where it should be. Just saying. BUT! I love the doc for bringing me into your fold and enjoy and learn all the time from you both. Carry on>

  2. You should find cleaner sausages, I saw MSG and nitrates in the sausage you made in this video, and the chicken marinade looked like it had a 30 ingredient list which I'm sure consisted of soy bean oil or canola, or some other "natural flavors" or negligeable ingredients. Also, for your own health, it looked like you just opened the pack of Walmart chicken thighs, put them directly into a Ziplock without washing them and pouring that 30 ingredient marinade over it, you really need to wash your chicken before marinading and cooking it. Just a few things I noticed to try and help, or you can tell me to kick rocks. Have a great day!

  3. I used the chili recipe but had to double it. Mine was no where near as thick as yours. More like soup. Maybe I need to adjust something? What are your thought if I use 1/2 – 1t of Glucomannon powder as a thickener? It tastes AMAZING though. Was real worried bout that fish sauce but yeah, its great.