Keto Vanilla Chia Pudding Recipe | Karen and Eric Berg


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Watch this video to get my healthy and delicious vanilla chia pudding recipe.

0:00 Keto-friendly vanilla chia pudding
0:26 Health benefits of chia seeds
1:01 Tasting the keto vanilla chia pudding
2:40 How to make keto-friendly vanilla chia pudding

In this video, we’re going to teach you how to make vanilla chia pudding. This low-carb vanilla chia pudding makes a great ketogenic snack. It contains chia seeds, which gives it a great consistency. Not to mention, chia seeds are really healthy. Chia seeds have omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, they’re high in protein, and they’re nutritious. Women especially need omega 3 fatty acids to help balance hormones. We sweeten this with vanilla cream stevia.






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  2. Karen and Dr. Berg, I'm so happy to see you using chia seeds! Chia pudding has become my new keto staple! I've been keto 2 years now, but just recently discovered chia pudding. It's so VERSATILE! I add Lakanto vanilla monkfruit liquid drops like you did with the stevia for a vanilla base. Then you can add strawberries or blueberries. Or, you can make it brown sugar maple pecan – add maple extract, some brown Swerve, cinnamon, and pecans – delicious! Or some unsweetened coco powder and some Lily's chocolate chips.. yum!! Sometimes I also add unsweetened coconut flakes to give it a thicker consistency. All great! And you're right, Karen, I've found the black organic chia seeds absorb more liquid and thicken the best. Thanks for all you both do! Happy Holidays!


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